first dp was cheating sex – Short Sex Story

My husband was coming back from corporate training his new job requires. I picked him up from the airport fresh back from Reno Nevada. Still looking sexy in his suit and tie.
I decided to surprise him wearing a sexy shirt kinda slutty black dress with thigh highs and high heels. I did my make up and hair. I was horny as hell. It had been three months and we are both highly sexual. Both having high sex drives.
I was past way past the point of needing it.
I got holy shit Gina you look sexy af.
I’m 38 five five and a little chubby but in shape.
My hubby is a little tired from his trip but he wants to hit a bar on the way home and get some food.
We hit a bar off of the north shore by the beach a few fish tacos he is happy. We have a few drinks.
He is flattered by two sailors who paid me and my body compliments while I ordered drinks at the bar.
Fate would have it our nights happen to come together.
We play pool with the two sailors and I agree to dance with one.
He was a little flirty and got a few gropes it feel me up a few times
I brushed and bumped grinding the answer to my question holy shit he is hung.
We have a few drinks I distribute three dances each being more risky and sexual until the I let him basically finger me while we danced
I’m like a cat in heat so horny I’m howling and throwing my self around.
I know my hubby is exhausted and not gonna make it
I invited Kev and Lee back to our house to have a night cap being right up the street from the base.
We head back me Lee and Kev talk sharing a drink we head out back to the patio for a cigarette that my smoking area.
I have Kev unzip my dress and we begin talking a little more dirty and flirty again.
My hubby is passed out cold. I slip off my dress and get on my knees Lee has a good size dick but Kevin is hung.
I begin sucking and giving them hand jobs.
We head in I’m topless wearing high heels and thigh highs.
I put on some light music. They strip me nude in the living room at six foot I feel short without my heels on.
I take them up to the guest room. Kevin ate my pussy out and ate my ass both of them used there mouth on me I was ready to explode.
Kevin had me get on top and begin ridding I came twice while still sucking Lee off. Kev pounded me in missionary making me cum over and over. Then he rolled me back on top Lee got on the bed and grabbed my hips.
I was being double penetrated it was a enormous fantasy of mine. I got fucked by both men like then until they both filled me up. Then they took turns on my pussy and my ass until I got my second dp of the night.
I know I got loud I surprised we did not wake my hubby up.
I cleaned up and put on my night gown.
I let Kevin have my number and I know I should not of but I let them film them fucking me.
Now Kev wants more sex and I’m not sure what to do
To me it was a one night him it’s an invite to let him and the navy fuck me

NSFW: yes

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