Firefighter (M) EMT (F) night at the fire house

I’m was a new-ish EMT at a small firehouse. I’m staffing overnight at the firehouse with one of the other members that is a fire fighter. We have become good friends. Well that night we become more than friends. It was just us hanging out in the off duty room. We were watching tv, chatting, and snuggling on the couch. While chatting he finally made a move and kissed me. It was so hot. Without hesitation I straddled him. He was grabbing my ass. Our hands were exploring. I could feel how hard he was against me. I moaned a little when he grabbed my breast. I whispered I need you. Unfortunately the hallway has cameras. The only room that didn’t was the social hall. We went downstairs into the social hall. he picked me up and sat me one of the tables. Biting at his neck we undid each other’s pants. His fell to the floor I got up to slide mine down, he turned me around and bent me over the table. Smacked my ass so hard I yelped. He pounded my pussy so hard while his hand was wrapped around my throat. I could tell his penis was large. I say harder baby fucking fill me I am so close! As I came so did he. he filled my pussy with his gigantic load.

NSFW: yes

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