Finally played out my fantasy

My girlfriend finally agreed to play out my dark fantasy.
She’d walk in from work and go upstairs towards the bedroom. As she entered I’d jump out from behind the door and grab her from behind. Before she could scream I’d put a rag over her mouth. In this roleplay we’d pretend on this rag was chloroform and she’d struggle and then pass out in my arms.
I’d place her on the bed and strip her naked.
I’d hogtie her and begin to lick her soles and suck on her toes. I’d lift up her head by her hair and look at her unconscious face.
I’d then untie her turn her over and begin to fuck her whilst I lift her feet up to my face and kiss them.
She’d then wake up enjoy the fact I’m fucking her and we’d continue I’d let her cum first and once she has I’d put my hand round her throat and whisper in her ear that I preferred her unconscious.
I’d then put that “chloroform” soaked rag over her face again I’d watch her eyes roll back as she groans and passes out at that point I’d pull out and cum all over her sexy feet.

NSFW: yes

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