Filling You Up On A Sunday Afternoon [MF]

It’s 2 PM on Sunday, we’re being lazy watching movies and hanging out. Wearing sweats and my old tshirts. The movie is one we’ve seen a thousand times. I’m distracted by you. You’re so fucking sexy. Your scent makes me hard. While we’re spooning on the couch watching the movie, I’m running my finger tips up and down your spine. You move slight back into me telling me you like it. My hand slides to your side. Up and down I go with feather light touches.

As my hand slides towards the front of your body moving up and down your ribs. I feel you shake. You have goosebumps. My fingertips running just to the side of your breast on its way down to your hip bone, this time back up I spread my fingers wider so my pinky grazes your nipple. It’s so sensitive you let out a moan when it makes contact. On my way back down I make contact again. Your nipples is hard just from my light touches. This time on my way down I slide inside your sweats. My finger tips graze your bald pussy. You unintentionally move your hips for more contact. My fingers work their way back up and pinch your nipple this time. You arch your back and moan. I love playing with your hard nipples. This time I muzzle your ear and whisper into you ear “god you’re sexy!”

I’m still lightly pinching your nipple you’re moaning snd pushing your ass back into my cock. Our clothes are in the way but you feel how hard I am. I move my hand back down to your pussy. I love the naked feel of it. The smooth skin and the wetness inside. You’ve leaked onto your sweats you’re so turned on. My finger grazes your clit as it slides to your opening. I gather your wetness on my fingertip and pull it towards your clit and rub up and down across your clit, slowly. I feel you raise your leg and hump towards my hand. You’re such a needy slut. I’m rubbing your clit as I kiss your neck. I need to taste you. I slide down the couch as you roll onto your back. I pull your sweats off on the way down. And lay between your legs. This is home to me. I want to worship your pussy forever. I spread your pussy with my fingers as I smell you. You turn me on so much. I stick my tongue as far into you as I can, tasting your sweet juices. You’re dripping as you begin grinding into my face. I move my tongue up to your clit as I put a finger at the entrance to your pussy. I slide my finger into you as my tongue works a not fast but not slow side to side motion over your clit. My finger is soaked from your juices. I pull it out leaving you empty but slide it down to the entrance to your ass. I begin to suck on your clit while my finger puts pressure against your asshole. There is resistance as it starts to push into you. Your hips are grinding against my mouth as my finger slides to the first knuckle inside your ass. I don’t move it any more. Just keep it there as I’m now sucking and licking your clit at the same time. This is too much for you, your legs lock straight on my shoulders as you’re shaking. Your pussy is leaking all over my chin as I feel your juices drip past my finger in your ass. You let out an involuntary deep growl as My mouth clamps down on your clit. Your hand pushes the back of my head into your pussy as you begin to come down. Your relax and your body goes limp.

As I let you recover I sit up and pull my sweats off. My cock slapping against my skin as I pull my sweats over it. I’m leaking precum leaving a slimy string from my belly to the tip of my cock. I need you so bad. I slide up your body and kiss you as you feel the head of my cock slide past your opening. I feel the hot wetness of your pussy on the length of my cock. I need to feel you. I reach down and push my cock head to your opening. It’s swollen and throbbing with need to be inside you. I’m lined up as I slowly slide inch by inch into you. Moving so slow to enjoy the first moments of penetration. I’m staring into your eyes as I slide in. We’re holding each other’s gaze as we enjoy the moment. I bottom out with the base of my cock stretching you wide, my hips pushing into yours. I hold my cock deep inside you. My cock head pushed up against your cervix pulsing from the heat of you. I whisper in your ear. I want to fuck you doggy. I hear you moan approval as I pull out so you can roll over.

I get behind you. Your pussy juice makes my cock shimmer in the sunlight as I line it up to your opening. I love the shape of your ass. I push into you faster this time but hold it at its deepest point. Your pussy muscles massaging the length of my cock as I hold my pelvis against your ass. I reach up and grab a fist full of your hair as I pull out slightly before slamming back against you my cock driving hard and deep into you. You let out a moan as my hips make contact with your ass cheeks. I make several long hard strokes inside while watching my cock pull on your pussy lips as I pull out only to slam deep inside you again. Your asshole is staring at me. It’s so fucking sexy. I push my index finger against it again. There is a little resistance as it slides in to the second knuckle. I curl it down so I can feel my cock sliding in and out of you through the wall separating your pussy and ass. I raise my other hand up and slap your ass firmly leaving an immediate red hand print. You bruise easily. That may leave a mark. Im pulling on your hips for leverage as I begin to fuck you even harder. You’re panting now as my cock slams into you over and over again. My finger inside your ass is now deeper. It’s as deep as it can go. Your pushing back into me with each thrust. Im pulling your hair using it for leverage to slam into you even harder. I feel your pussy begin to squeeze me harder. You’re starting to cum. I love the sounds you make right at the beginning of orgasm. They’re so primal and make me so hard. It’s more than I can take as I pull your hair and push into you at the same time. I push my finger down and feel my cock through you ass. It’s as deep as it’s ever been and pulsing. I can feel the cum begin to shoot hitting your cervix and coating the back of your pussy. You’re pushing your ass into me trying to get me even deeper. Your pussy is clenching, sucking my cum even deeper into you. My cum is coating your insides with each pulse. Drained I lay my chest against your back and feel your slightly sweaty skin against mine. I want to fuck you all day, fuck you’re sexy!

NSFW: yes

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