(Fiction) Year 1904: I (39M) Had a Great Night With a Cheap Woman (35F)

The year is 1904. I had gotten married to the love of my life Helen a few months ago. We had a wonderful wedding in a quaint little resort town by the name of Hanging Rock, somewhere in California. Our honeymoon lasted a week, and everyday of the honeymoon we were having great sex.

Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase of our marriage has not lasted long. It’s been a month since we last laid together, and I’ve no idea why. Maybe she isn’t satisfied with my cock, but I’ve got another, more depressing idea. I have a feeling she’s a cheating bitch, sleeping with other men! 2 weeks ago, I found men’s shoes in our house that didn’t belong to me. And, just last night, I saw a tie with lipstick on it on the floor of our bedroom!

Helen’s been having men over in my own house while I’m away at work in the mines! How could she do this to me? I’ve got half a mind to kill her myself! But I would never do that, not to a woman and certainly not my wife, even if she is a lying whore. No, I’ll go to the saloon. I’ll discover some wenches there and they’ll help me get over this terrible matter.

I’ve entered the saloon. Bartender’s asked me if I’d like a drink. I most certainly would, anything to take my mind off that bitch Helen. I’ve ordered a whiskey, neat. Now, time to look around for the whores!

It hasn’t taken me too long to discover one. There’s a woman sitting at the bar alone. She’s quite buxom, her brassiere shows off her bosom tastefully. I’ll speak to her now.

“Excuse me miss. I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I’ve just seen you from across the bar and I must say, you are extremely beautiful!”

“Oh, well, isn’t that sweet of you! Now, let’s cut to the chase. 2 dollars for my mouth, fully clothed.”

“Well, aren’t you an impatient one? But fine, here you go.” I hand her the 2 dollars.

“Great, follow me.”

I take my glass of whiskey with me as I accompany the prostitute to the second story of the saloon. She walked over to a door which she unlocked with her key. We entered the room, and she locked the door behind us.

“Take off your pants, Mister.”

“Just call me Clyde. And what’s your name Miss?”


I take off my pants and take out my cock. Bonnie drops to her knees and takes my meat in her hands. She shoves it into her mouth, but she keeps her clothes on, as we agreed upon.

“Mmnf, ughhh, mmnfnf”

“My goodness, Bonnie, your tongue feels amazing on my dick! You must be the number 1 whore in the saloon, ain’t you girl?”

“Oh, Clyde, you’ve got no idea. Men come in here with a full wallet, they leave empty, their balls drained, their cum in my mouth, and their dollars in my breast pocket. Now, shut up and let me gag on this dick.”

“Of course, Bonnie.”

“Annnngh, mmmnmf, uggghhh. Ohhhhh, your cock is so wet and hard, ooohhhhh. Oooooh it’s so good baby, mmmmmmnn. Grab my face and fuck me harder Clyde.”

I grab her face and force my penis further into her throat.

“Ooohhhh, Bonnie, baby, I’m about to cum in your mouth! Oohhh, I can’t hold it! Aaaaghgghh, shit girl!”

“Mmmmnn, I love the creamy, sweet taste of your cum leaking down my throat.”

She licks my cock up and down, she blows big cum bubbles and slobbers all over my shaft.

“Well, Clyde, is that all you’ve got? Or would you like another go at this town’s hottest whore?”

“Oh baby, name any price, any price at all, I’ll pay! I’ve gotta see those tits of yours!”

“Well ain’t you a desperate old fella. Listen, I’d love to take more of your money and more of your dick, but I got a feeling something’s goin on with you, Clyde. You can tell me, maybe I can help.”

Wow, I wasn’t expecting this prostitute to help me out with my marital problems, but maybe this is why she’s the best wench in town. That and her sexy body, of course.

“Well Bonnie, you see, I have a wife. A wife who I loved very much. We just recently married a few months ago. But, I found out that she’s been cheating on me. We ain’t had sex in months, and it kills me to know that while I’ve been having blue balls this whole time, she’s been out here blowing and fucking other men!”

“My goodness, Clyde, I had no idea of your situation. I’m truly sorry for you.”

“Look, Bonnie, this was a mistake telling you about my problem like this. I mean, I paid you for a blowjob, not for therapy. I’m sorry for involving, you, I should probably just go.”

“No, Clyde, stay! Believe me, you’ve made no mistake telling me this. Prostitutes are real people too, you know. How about this. I’ll offer you my most deluxe treatment available at a huge discount. Usually it costs 10 dollars, but for you, I’ll cut it down to just 5! So long as you don’t tell nobody about this.”

“Well Bonnie, that’s a hell of a deal, and I’d be a fool not to take it. Here, 5 dollars. Now, do you mind telling me what this ‘deluxe treatment’ consists of?”

“Oh baby, don’t you concern yourself with what it consists of. Just take your clothes off, lay in the bed, and let ol’ Bonnie do all the work.”

I take my shoes, jacket and shirt off, and I lay naked on the bed in the room. Bonnie leans in and kisses me. She stands up and takes off her brassiere, her voluptuous tits exposed.

“What do you think of my breasts, Clyde?”

“I think they’re absolutely spectacular.”

“Bigger than your wife’s, right? Bet she’s got tiny tits anyway.”

“Oh, they’re about 3 times bigger than hers!”

“That’s right, you don’t need that bitch. You’ve got me all to yourself baby.”

She leans in for me to touch her boobs. I squeeze them, and I lick her nipples slowly and sensually.”

“Ooohhhh Clyde, your wife is missing out on this tongue of yours.”

She stands back up and takes off her skirt. She’s standing topless in her panties, she’s oozing with sexuality and lust. I pick her up and throw her onto to the bed. I get my glass of whiskey and pour some alcohol into the crevice between her enormous tits.

“Ooooh Clyde, slurp that whiskey up from between my breasts, yes!”

This is part 1 of this story, I’ll try to write part 2 soon!

NSFW: yes

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