[FFuta, Seduction, 18+] Sarah’s Harem, part 3

The little cafe had a fun, cozy atmosphere. Sarah was wearing her favorite yellow sundress with little daffodil’s embroidered on it, with cute summer sandals. Across from her were Amanda and Christine, both wearing just streetwear, but Sarah didn’t care. They would all the time look hot to her.

As the three waited for their coffee, Sarah had kicked off her sandals and was brushing her toes against Christine’s leg just to feel her. Her hands were clasped around Amanda’s and all three were gazing longingly albiet awkwardly at each other.

Despite their previous adventures together, Sarah much prefered these lowkey, cute dates with her girls. That wasn’t to say she didn’t like having rough sex with them, it’s just sometimes she wanted something more chill.

A shiver ran down Sarah’s back as she wondered about last time when she had her way with the both of them on Campus. It was enough to awaken her new friend between her legs. For the past month or so, she’s add that cock. A group of her friends and her had done some strange occult ritual just as a gag. They hadn’t expected it to work. Yet, Sarah woke up, hours later, naked with a penis in the middle of all her friends, naked, asleep, and oozing cum from every hole. Since then, she tried not to think about how weird it was and rarely mentioned it to anyone she didn’t trust.

Christine had asked a question, causing her to zone back in. “You okay Sarah? You kinda looked lost in thought.”

She smiled. “Don’t worry, just thinkin’.” With a squeeze of her hand, Sarah went back to brushing Christine’s leg.

A few moments later of nervous glances and awkeard smiles, their drink finally arrived, catried by a cute woman with black hair tied in a ponytail and big round glasses.

“There you girls are, enjoy!” The server said.

The three went about drinking their coffees until their server was out of earshot. Gathering her girls closer, Sarah whispered, “ohmigosh, she was soo pretty!”

Amanda nodded emphatically. “Yah I kinda want to ask her to hang out with us.”

Suddenly nervous again, Sarah said, “you think she would want to?”

“Only one way to find out,” Christine chimed in. “Besides, I bet she has a great pair of boobies.”

Sarah blushed, her friend down stairs getting excited. “Yah, I think so too.”

20 minutes or so of building up the courage later, Sarah finally stood from the table. She was a little wobbly from the anxiety, but she really wanted to do this. Gosh, she wondered, why are girls so scary to talk to?

Adjusting her friend so he wouldn’t make a scene, Sarah pseudoconfindantly strode over to the cute server.

“Hey, excuse me,” she stammered.

“What can I do for you?” The woman said warmly.

“Well,” Sarah swallowed. “My friends and I were wondering if you wanted to hang with us. You seem, uh… you seem super cool.”

The server’s eyes twinkled. “Oh sure! I get off in like an hour if you want to wait here.”

Sarah breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh yah, totally! So uh, see you then.” And she awkwardly went back to her table.

“So?!” Amanda whispered. “What did she say?”

“She said yes!” Sarah squeed for joy. “But I did ask her just to hang.”

“Oh but Sarah, how else are we, ya know…” she mouthed the word bang.

“What was I supposed to say? ‘Hey my girlfriends and I wanted to have sex with you. By the way, I have a dick. Hope that isn’t weird!’?”

Christine rolled her eyes. “Well of course not, but maybe something to suggest it might head that direction.”

“Still Chris, I have a penis. Maybe she’s not chill with that. Maybe she doesn’t jive with transfolk. I know I’m not trans but still. I’m not putting my dick it a transphobe, no matter how cute she is or how big her boobies are.”

Christine sighed. “You’re right. I can’t force you to out yourself just cause I’m horny, even if I’m horny on your behalf.”

Sarah nodded.

“We can just take it slow,” Amanda spoke up. “Maybe we start small, maybe ask her if she’s into girls or open to experimenting. Then perhaps bring up the conversation about what it might be like to have a… penis- and go from there. Just try and guage what her reaction might be.”

Christine and Sarah nodded.

“Thanks girls,” Sarah said, taking their hands. “I kinda want to kiss you two, but that make her uncomfortable if she sees.”

“Don’t worry, we can always kiss later,” Amanda said nervously. Despite the three of them having had sex, the simple gesture of kissing made Amanda super giddy, like that pure expression of love was stronger than any sex theh could ever have. Though it might be because the three of them had just became a polycule and the new relationship jitters were still coursing through her.

True be told, Sarah was feeling it to. There was something so powerful about kissing eother of them or even watching the two kiss that was just so gorgeous, despite them having fucked already.

The hour passed by faster than Sarah could prepare for. Cannot chicken out now.

Sarah and her girls hung outside, waiting for the server woman to join them. When she finally found them, her hair was down and she was wearing a tank top and jeans, her work shirt slung over a shoulder.

“Hey ladies, what’s shakin’?” She said, just as cheerfully as before.

“Sarah, apparently,” Christine said, eyeing her girlfriend.

“No, it’s nothing, I’m just, nervous…” she stammered.

“I’m Britta by the way,” the woman said, giving a small wave.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Chris, that’s Sarah like I said, and this one is Amanda,” Christine said, saving the day.

“Awesome! So, what’s the plan?” Britta asked.

“Uh, we were thinking about hanging out at the rec center on campus for a bit,” Sarah said. “Do you go there?”

“Oh yah, I’m working on a bachelor’s in geology actually. How about you?”

“I’m in the sports medicine program,” Christine said first. “Just two more years for me.”

“And I’m majoring in mathematics,” Amanda chimed in.

“Oh those are so cool!” Britta exclaimed. “How about you Sarah?”

Sarah turned bright red. “I’m, uh… I’m in sex education.”

NSFW: yes

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