[FFuta, 18+, Multiboob] Sarah’s Harem Part 4

Sex Education?” Britta said, face lighting up. “I’m actually super interested in how to communicate information about sex and reproductive health.”

Sarah relaxed. “Yah, it’s a passion of mine. Really important to me that young men and women know about their bodies.”

The two women had a long conversation about the importance of communication and consent, all the while Amanda and Christine were smirking to each other. All four made their way back to campus, finding their way to the rec center to relax.

Only a few people occupied the place, being relatively dead this evening.

Britta and Sarah found their way to a couch to continue their talk while Amanda and Christine busied themselves setting up a pool table.

“Yah, I couldn’t imagine having to date right now,” Sarah said. “Just sounds like a headache.”

“You’re telling me, it’s like whenever I drop hints to guy that I’m interested, he ghosts me. It’s like come on, I’m trying to make something out of this!”

Sarah’s heart sank. Britta was into guys… but perhaps…

“Are you… just into guys?” she asked tentatively. “Cause I find girls are kinda easier to be with.”

After a moment in wondered, Britta responded, “ya know, I never really thought about it. I just figured I was into guys and that was about it. I mean, of course I think girls are pretty… it’s just, um…” she trailed off, staring out across the room.

“It’s just what?” Sarah said, placing a hand on the other woman’s knee.

Smiling back, Britta said, “I, uh… can I tell you a secret?”

Sarah nodded.

“It’s just, I… have more than one set of breasts, so I get kinda weird about women.” She spoke in a near whisper. “It’s almost like I feel less normal if I’m around other regular girls. Like I’m some freak.”

Sarah turned to face Britta, legs tucked beneath her. “Hey I don’t think you’re a freak. Is it like, full on boobs?”

“Uh, yah,” Britta said, shifting awkwardly. “I wear a binder around them so people don’t stare.”

There was a stirring deep in Sarah. “You know, that’s actually really hot.”

Britta blushed. “Oh stop, you don’t have to pity me.”

“No for real. I’m a bit jealous, I love boobs.” Sarah felt emboldened.

The other woman’s face stayed bright red, but the initial embarrassment had worn off.

“Thank you Sarah, that makes me fell a lot better,” she said.

“C-can I share a secret with you, so that we’re even?” Sarah heard herself say.

Britta shrugged. “Yah of course.”

Sarah took a deep breath. *Here goes*. “I have… a penis.”

The words were out.

Everything around them seemed to slow to a crawl as Sarah waited for an answer.

Her heart thundered in her chest, and she could hardly breathe.

“Oh, wow,” was all Britta said for a few moments.

Sarah’s went bright scarlet. “You can’t tell anyone, it’s just that I trust you and you seemed so vulnerable and-” The words flooded from her before she could think of anything else to do.

“It’s okay! It’s okay,” Britta said, taking Sarah’s hands. “Are you… trans?

“N-no,” Sarah stammered. “It’s kinda complicated to explain. See, some friends and I did this magic ritual as a joke, but it turned out to be real and when I woke up… I had him.” She was careful to leave out the other details of that night. Can not scare her away with the full truth.

Britta nodded. Then her face flushed. “Um, can I… see it?”

Moments later the two girls were in the bathroom, tucked into the farthest stall. Both were so nervous.

*Come on, you can do this.* Sarah told herself.

Taking a calming breath, she bunched the hem of her yellow sundress and lifted.

Her cock hung with a semi, dripping precum from the nervous arousal rushing through her.

“Oh man, that’s like a real cock,” Britta said, kneeling in front of her. “Do you still have your… lady bits?”

Sarah could only nod.

Britta’s hands started to inch towards the impressive member before remembering herself. “May I?”

Earning a nod consent, Britta lifted Sarah’s penis, examining it like a physician. A really hot, really close physician, who had two pairs of breasts.

The mix of Britta’s touch, Sarah dirty thoughts and the whole crazy scenario was too much for her cock to take.

Slowly but sure, Sarah’s penis began to stiffen. Precum trickled out, yearning to be shoved in some wet sexy hole.

But embarrassment reigned in its desires.

Britta had began to fondle Sarah’s testies, feeling their weight and shape. She was oh so close to Sarah’s slit, her hungry pussy that had been so neglected since she had gotten her cock. It was just so easy to cum with a penis, just stick it in until you finished. But her pussy was way more fun. And it had been feeling left out.

Lifting Sarah’s balls out of the way, Britta was confronted by Sarah’s aching pussy, slick with neglect and anticipation.

“Wow, you are so wet,” Britta said, then blushed. “Sorry, I’m just… I’m getting really horny.”

*Oh fuck, don’t say that, I need to cum so bad.* Sarah wondered. “Could I… see your boobs?” she said instead.

Britta smiled. “I guess that’s fair. One secret for another.” She grabbed the hem of her tank top and pulled.

Sarah was confronted with a gorgeous pair of titties in a cute blue lacy bra, and just below them was a binder wrapping all the way around Britta’s torso. The bra was discarded, revealing a set of perky boobs.

As she began unwrapping the binder, small excited sighs escaped her lips. “I’ve never shown them to anyone, except a doctor, but that doesn’t really count.”

Sarah could hardly stand for how horny and excited she was.

As the last of the wrap fell away, a second pair of bouncy beautiful breasts popped forth.

“You okay?” Britta asked.

It was too much for Sarah to handle. “I need to cum inside you,” she blurted. Immediately, she clamped a hand over her mouth. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to say that.”

The other woman smiled. “Why be sorry? Two hot girls, showing each other their weird bodies? We both knew it was gonna happen.”

Before Sarah could speak, Britta planted a kiss right on her lips.

Sarah was stunned.

As Britta parted, she stared deep into the other woman’s eyes. “That felt… really good. Maybe, I do like girls.”

NSFW: yes

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