[FFM] Introducing my [M34] FWB [F27] to my wife [F25] led to a crazy night. (Part 1)

English isn’t my 1st language so if there are any weird phrasing I apologize in advance. And I rarely wrote so much so if there are any things I could improve don’t hesitate, I’m all the time open to (constructive) criticism.

I wrote it mostly so I could relive it easily but I also hope that it will be enjoyable for you too, i’m all the time happy to bring some good times. It seems like I went a little overboard in length so I’ll have to split it in several parts, sorry if it stops a bit abruptly I’ll try to keep some semblance of logic in the cuts.


Kate = my wife, Lily = our fwb
This week is absolutely crazy, things keep happening, I try to begin writing about it then something at least as hot takes its place and I’m back to the 1st line of another story.Sometimes little accidents lead to amazing results. I was making a big batch of pizza dough for us and our roommate, but when I announced the good news we learned that she wasn’t staying with us tonight… Damn. Now we have enough to feed 4 people but there is only 2 of us. My wife proposed to invite my new fwb since she absolutely adores pizza (to the point she has a tattoo with a slice between her breasts) and she wanted to meet her anyway. She already had plans, but a delicious pizza and the possibility of a nice long session proved enough to convince her to change them.


She arrived around 7pm and we went to buy pizza sauce that I (of course) forgot about, the conversation already very easy which was a good sign because we can be a bit shy around newcomers. Once we were back home and I was preparing the pizza, the topic of tattoos came up (Lily has quite a few of them), and Kate said she was very willing to finally see the pizza one in real life which prompted Lily to just pull her jumpsuit down to her belly. The amazing view of her tattoo framed by her nice round breasts came much faster than I was expecting, and I posed for a moment to show Kate another amusing thing on Lily. Since my hands were dirty with olive oil I used my mouth to suck on one of her nipple, making sure it was all nice and hard with a small bite before pulling back, and asked her if she could see a difference now.With an willing “Oh” she realized that the other one was still hiding: she has inverted nipples. A few flick of her fingers brought this one to attention too while I went back to cooking.

I put the pizza in the oven, and joined the girls to play a bit while it cooked. With the heat wave going trough France right now I had removed my t-shirt so Lily and me were only wearing our bottoms, while Kate still had her bra. It was not the easiest to concentrate on the rules of this new game with that many boobs (some partly) on display but at least we were not sweating (yet). I’m gonna spare you the dinner part because I don’t want you to finish just yet but the pizza was delicious.

We moved to the bedroom where everyone quickly ended up with only our underwear on, and I got behind Lily to begin playing with her breasts to make her moan since she can be VERY loud with right stimulation. It was time for her to actually begin playing with Kate who was ecstatic as I was soon about to realize.They kissed a bit and Kate lied down on the bed with Lily kneeling next to her, running her hands all over her, pleasantly noting how smooth and soft a woman’s skin was. I admired the show before my eyes until my boxers were becoming uncomfortably tight, at what point Kate made Lily stand up and switched her focus to her small round butt that bounced every time her hand spanked it. She remarked that it hardly had any marks despite the spanks not being too soft, but that might be because Lily skin is darker than hers (Kate is very pale and marks SO easily, which is lovely to paint shapes on her back).

She then made Lily lie down on the bed and fished up the 1st item she intended to use tonight. Metal links clinked, drawing Lily widening eyes to the chain stretching between Kate’s hands. She asked what is was for but Kate wasn’t paying attention to her and told me to take care of her right nipple while she would make sure the right one also came out of hiding. We both took our time licking and sucking on her tits until they were poking out, the cold chain being slowly dragged up her belly sending shivers down her spine and helping the process. Kate secured the 1st clamp, making sure it was tight enough to hold, but with just enough give for the next surprise. Once the 2nd clamp was secured, she pulled the chain up until Lily held it between her teeth. It’s just long enough for it to be taut, but with a nice full pair of tits like this, there is definitely some discomfort as the nipples are pulled up.

Kate cradled Lily cheek with one hand, congratulating her for what she did so far before slapping her. She whimpered but held the chain in place, and earned a well deserved “Good girl”, as Kate slid down between her thighs and started eating her out. Holding her thighs in place, she dragged her tongue all over her dripping pussy, and discovered how loud Lily could actually be. I’m pretty happy with my oral skills but my wife is a absolute champion in this category, often praised as the best people blessed enough to receive it experienced. And she was going all out on poor Lily’s sensitive clit. I stayed on the side for a bit, enjoying both the view and the sounds I was hearing, but it became quickly obvious that if I didn’t want the neighbours to complain I needed to do something.

I knelt next to her head and grab her hair, pulling her face towards my very erect cock to shove it in in an attempt to stifle her cries a bit. Kate looked at me and pointed to the chain that was now free. I grabbed it and pulled on it so her nipples were once more being tortured a bit, her squirming and muffled moans adding another nice stimulation to her blowjob. After a couple minute i whispered to Kate “Should I yank the chain free?” and with a devilish grin she locked Lily’s legs in place, plunged back to devour her pussy then gave me the signal. I released the pressure just enough so she might think she was getting a break, then pulled hard on the chain, stretching her nipples until the clamps slipped, pinching her hard on the process. Her back shot up as she tried to scream but she couldn’t, and my hand around her throat as well as Kate’s arm around her thighs prevented her from moving much.

Once she settled down a bit Kate rose up and shoved a couple fingers inside her, telling her to just enjoy herself now that the pain was over. I could see how flushed her face was and she seemed to be loving our new toy so I went behind her and marveled at how incredibly wet she was. Most of the time we use a bit of lube to be safe, be right now her slit was glistening with her juices, and she was literally dripping as the motion from her fingering shook her body. I ran my fingers along its length and showed her, asking her if she realized how incredibly wet she was. She nodded and I licked my fingers clean before kissing her deeply.

NSFW: yes

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