[FFFFM] What if, after well over a decade of close friendship, you had your dick sucked by all four women in your friend group at the same time? This happened to a guy in our group

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NSFW: yes

No, he didn’t try to make it happen.

Yes, it was a complete surprise for him.

Not just a surprise because it was organized it to be a surprise, but a shock because we are quite sincerely the last people on earth you’d ever expect to do something like this, out of character doesn’t even start to describe it. And there was no hint, no indication, no nothing, in his long long time knowing us, that this would happen. Yet it did.

He is one of four guys in the friend group, yet this happened to only him: all four women in the friend group licking and sucking his dick simultaneously, literally all four lips and tongues all over his cock at the same time.

I’d love to get your reactions to this, and chat with you about what happened! So send me a message if you can.

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