[FF] [married] Secret Hookup with my Husband’s Best Friend’s Wife

This is a true story from four years ago, and my slutty little bisexual brain has been thinking about it ever since!

My husband, his best friend, and his hot little wife all went out for a night on the town a while back. We had all gone to a Celebration Of life/Memorial earlier that day of an dear mutual friend and had decided to all tie one off together in her honor. Many shots were shared, as well as memories and tears. I don’t know if any other redditors can attest to this, but there’s something about grieving that can really bring out one’s carnal energy if you will.

To premise, I’ve all the time had a sexual attraction to my husband’s best friend’s wife. She’s beautiful with long strawberry blonde hair, tight waist, and large tits like me. We would shower together in public saunas on vacation and I ALWAYS would sneak a peak when she was lathering up…

Anyway back to the story. The four of us proceed to get absolutely hammered, and at one point I started to get a little woozy. I asked my husband if we could all go back to our room so I could relax for a bit. My husband and his bestie were on one tho, and were not ready to end the party. So his wife offered to walk with me back to the hotel.

On the way to our hotel room, it literally started pouring down rain. I mean, POURING, soaked our hair and skimpy date night clothes all the way through. Luckily it was June, so it wasn’t too freezing.

We ran back to the room in a drunken, rain-soaked frenzy, singing and yelling along the way.

When we got back to the room, she instantly started stripping down out of her wet clothes. And I got us towels and two white Terry cloth robes from the hotel bathroom. We finished undressing and ringing out our clothes and underwear in the sink.

I don’t know what came over me, probably all the alcohol, but while we were sitting on the bed towel drying our hair in nothing but our robes, I just asked her, “have you ever had another woman tell you your tits are gorgeous?”

She laughed sheepishly and said, “Yes of course! I used to hook with women all the time before my husband.”
And that was really all the nudge I needed to push further.

“Have you ever eaten pussy before?” Was all I needed to say apparently. The next thing I know I am on top of her sucking on her nipples, pushing the Terry cloth robe out of my way.

I get on my knees on the ground and pull her pussy to the edge of the bed. where I then proceed to lick her clit and finger fuck her into a screaming orgasmic oblivion.

I kept asking if it was better than the way her husband eats her pussy. I kept having to hold my hand over her mouth as she screamed YES repeatedly in response.

I think I’ll save what she did to me next for a Part 2 – what do you think?

NSFW: yes

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