Fence Friends with Advantages – Short Sex Story

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They were the sort of friends that come about purely by distance, or the lack thereof. Their sole point of intersection being the fence between their two properties. Ruby was an older woman, a few years into retirement; while Eric was recently widowed, but not so recently for it to be the end of the world. He had a young child to take care of, after all.

Ruby’s husband had suddenly passed some years ago, while they had been on a trip. The news spread around the neighborhood as it oft does: gossip masquerading as concern and information.

But Eric had all the time seen Ruby as more-than. Even before that. She was still an attractive woman, no matter her age. Sure she carried a little extra weight, but that was just natural. And she carried it well. A bright shock of white hair with a face with still-glowing skin that belied her age. She wore her age well.

Eric had found Ruby creeping into his thoughts, certain thoughts, before. What did she look like down there? Didn’t older women still need that sort of attention too? What if? What if? But that was crass. That was him being a male pig. Or so he told himself. _Just because I feel this way doesn’t make it true for her too_, he would tell himself, trying to be noble and self-controlled.

But Ruby did miss attention. She missed her husband, of course, they had spent a lifetime together. But she didn’t expect the twilight of her life to be so…quiet. He grandchildren would visit, but those visits were coming fewer and further between. And she had a suspicion that they would increase in pace only when it was too late. That seemed to be the curse of old age.

She found herself taking note of younger men when she saw them, admiring the way they moved, the confidence, the physicality of them. But then she would chide herself and shake her head. She was decades older than them, she didn’t believe they could be interested in someone like her. So she contented herself with her meandering and sometimes lurid thoughts.

For each of them, the prospect of changing what was missing in their lives was too insurmountable of an problem to rectify. So they went about life as best they could. Often mechanically, exchanging pleasantries when they saw each other, but all the time friendly and easily

Until Ruby needed help. The sort of help she couldn’t make due without.

“Sure, just let me make sure the kid has lunch, and I can come help,” Eric said, smiling. Caught off-guard by the request so much that he didn’t even read into it.

For there was nothing to read into. Not yet.

As he hefted his ladder in his gloved hands, walking up Ruby’s driveway, he saw her waiting for him by the back gate. Her hand was above her eyes, shading them, as she smiled and waved with the other.

_She’s definitely still got it_, Eric wondered as he waved back. She was in light summer clothes. A bright pink top, showing off her shoulders, tight enough to give her shape but not so tight as to go against her age. Her shorts, however, were just short enough. White, tight. She was still fairly well tanned, contrasting nicely with that white hair of hers. And her smile was all the time one of genuine openness and happiness to see him and have the help.

He found himself thinking things he shouldn’t. So he knuckled down at the task at hand, inclining his head towards her and asking after her.

Ruby watched and admired the man as he came up the drive. He was fair-skinned and sturdy, an ease about him. Some depraved part of her mind offered up notice of the outline of a bulge, but that couldn’t be. A foolish wondered. She almost clamped her hand over her mouth before recovering it into the pantomime of batting something away.

They walked around to the side of the house where Eric set up the ladder and climbed up. Looking at the contraption to understand what needed to be done.

“Yeah,” Eric said, looking down at Ruby as he arched his hand up, trying to work his too-big hand into the too-small crevice he needed to get to. “It’s a really small space. I might need to figure out a tool or something to get in there. Doesn’t seem to be an access panel or anything.”

Ruby nodded as she held the ladder, looking up Eric’s legs, across his ass, seeing him straining with a light sheen of sweat already covering him.

“I could try,” she said, “I have smaller hands. Normal-sized hands.”

Eric saw the laugh in her face and exaggerated an eye roll.

“You never said my apparently mutant-sized hands would be an issue, Ruby. I take offense.”

They both laughed. She bobbed her head, saying, “Let me try.”

Eric wondered about it as he climbed back down the ladder.

“Come on, Ruby, you didn’t ask me over here just for you to do all the work. Besides, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I’m not some ancient crone, you know.”

It was a pivotal moment. Small, but it opened a door. A door that neither of them realized was there, or could be walked through. But the thing about doors is that they contain possibility.

Eric looked her up and down and nodded his head approvingly.

“No, Ruby,” he said in a throaty voice, “you most certainly are not.”

Ruby felt a rush in her, a flushing up from her toes across her chest and over her scalp. And a tingling between her legs. A wetness. One she had not felt in quite a while. She wondered of being a schoolgirl, suddenly, unable to control herself.

She laughed, nervously, but tried to hide it. Tried to hide the blush. Tried to hide the sudden welling inside of her, to tamp down that schoolgirl.

So she smacked him across the arm. Which caused more laughter.

She noticed the bulge now. Couldn’t be taken for anything else.

“Just tell me what to do,” she said, as she pushed him out of the way, took hold of the ladder, and climbed up.

Eric reached out to steady the ladder, his arms in effect around her, with her climbing up between them. Her shoulders brushing his chest, then her ass following up right behind. But not before…not before…her ass swished against his crotch.

_Jesus_, was all he could think. He felt embarrassed and like a lech. _I hope she didn’t notice anything_.
But she had. She had stifled a yelp, feeling that hardness pressed against her backside, her body remembering exactly what it was even while her mind tried to argue its case. The schoolgirl was back, taking control. She wanted things.

But Ruby kept climbing. Which dragged her ass up level with Eric’s face. She turned to look back at him as she did, for no particular reason, and in doing so caught Eric with his eyes closed, a scant breath away from the curve of her rear. As if he was savoring the moment, taking her in. Inhaling her. Or wanting to.

_But that couldn’t be,_ her mind argued.

_It most certainly damn well could be_, her body responded.

Eric felt himself blush as he woke himself from that, hopefully, brief moment when her ass hovered in front of him like that. But he could still smell her. That light floral scent. Clean clothes and Ruby’s all the time unique combination of some perfume and body lotion…or so he assumed.

By the time he looked up at her, she was back on the way up the ladder, none the wiser that he had been caught. Which was good. If he had known, he might have sabotaged all that would follow.

“Uh-J-Just…see that box?” Eric said, clearing his throat. “There’s two light cables in there, one of them is loose, the one on the left. You just need to reach in and tighten it back up and hopefully that fixes everything.”

Ruby huffed and nodded, having to turn the same way Eric did to arch her arm up and allow he hand to get into the box. Which allowed her to look down at Eric.

He was staring up at her, his eyes perhaps not focused entirely on the task at hand. His eyes, just perhaps, gliding across her legs and up her thighs, seeing the curve of her. Across her chest, seeing the heft and suppleness of her.

And Eric was. But as his eyes were doing that, he was also imagining what lied beneath. What sort of underthings she wore. How they would look contrasted with her tan. And just how far did that tan go? And just what color was her…

She saw him close his eyes and swallow, while her hand busied itself with things the hand was not interested in doing. There were other ideas brewing. She saw him reach down and shift himself, his manhood, as he looked around the neighborhood. For one glorious moment it gave her a clear outline of the head of his member, the shape of it, the size of it.

She flushed again. She felt wet. In a way she had not felt for a long time. A deep hunger filled her.

Her mind lost the argument. Other things were in control now.

She let out a small sound, which snapped Eric’s head back up, his grip on the ladder tightening.

“What happened?” he asked, with real concern in his voice.

Ruby was scratching at her backside, and as he watched she lifted up one leg of her shorts, revealing a cheek that was inviting and soft, no tan lines visible. Ruby kept pulling the fabric up until the curve of her hip and nearly all of her cheek—barring any panties—were visible.

“I thought I felt something bite at me,” she said in a disappointed voice. “Do you see anything?”

“Yes-I-uh-I mean no, you look fine,” Eric said. “Very fine.”

He said the last under his breath and shook his hanging head while he closed his eyes. One word reverberated around his mind as he chastised himself: _Idiot_.

She smiled. She had heard him. She started down the ladder. This time with intentionality.

“Hold on, dear,” she said, “feels more shaky on the way down.”

So Eric held on, and was rewarded with the same view as her ascent, but now in reverse.

And with her ass most certainly undoubtedly pushing back against his chest and grinding down his body until he felt the heat of her ass grinding into his cock.

_Jesus_, he wondered again. He gasped. He tried to clear his throat to cover up the sound. But Ruby smiled. She wriggled again, then finally planted her two feet on the ground, still between his arms, still feeling his stiffness pressed against her.

Without turning, she said, “Come inside and let me get you a lemonade.”

“I-I should—“

“Come on,” she urged. “A drink is the least I can do.”

Eric didn’t remember how he got into the house, where the ladder was, nothing. Just her taking him by the hand and getting him moving. Yet there he was. Sat on the couch. And there she was, walking towards him with a frosted glass in her hand.

Her smile seemed to have a different quality to it, her movement more lithe and enticing.

_No. Nope. No_, he wondered, _don’t put your thoughts onto her actions_.

She sat down next to him, thanked him again for his help, and turned on the TV.

“See?” she said, smiling, “It works now. Thank you again.”

Eric smiled and gulped at his drink. Unaware of the conversation going on in Ruby’s mind. The conclusion that conversation was reaching. And it was simply this: she had been on this earth too long to waste any more time. She had been “good” all her life. She had really only ever been with her husband, and he was gone. She still loved him, but he was gone, and she still wanted things. And here was a thing she wanted…no…a thing she _needed_ right here. Right now.

“Is that for me?” she asked.

Eric, mid-drink, almost coughed it out. Her hand on his thigh was at least one nontrivial part of the cough.

“I-I’m sorry,” Eric said, “is _what_ for you?”

“That,” she said, her eyes and a quick jut of her chin indicating something in his lap.

He was hard. He knew that, but before he looked down he didn’t think she knew that. It was obvious. Without any wondered he lifted himself up as he prepared an apology, feeling a wave of shame. Paranoia reaching out into things like how they will have to move, how could he make this right.

Until her hand fell on his cock through his shorts, pressing him back down. The paranoia ceased.


“I know,” she said, “It’s OK. I’m not upset. You were thinking about me?”

She squeezed, prompted him. He groaned a yes.

“Just now?”

Her hand was slightly moving now, stroking. She didn’t need to compel an answer this time.


“‘No’ what?”

“I’ve thought about you before,” he said.

“And it made things like this happen?” Another of her squeezes accented the context of the question.

“Oh yes,” he said, “many times.”

“And what did you think about?”

The things he had wondered about were becoming evident on her body. Nipples clearly outlined in her top, a flush across her chest, how she would feel touching him skin-to-skin, how she would sound, what she would look like beneath him or bent over in front of him.

He wondered he was just cataloguing these things innocently in the form of a mental list. But no.

He was speaking them.

Ruby now groaned too. And her hands took charge, quickly unfastening his shorts while he lifted up so she could pull them down. But she never got that far. As soon as she saw him, unobstructed and bare for her, she groaned and leaned in.

She rubbed her lips against his cock, her handle cradling its underside and offering it up for her. She smelled at him, breathing him in, her tongue tasting the faint saltiness of him, the softness of his skin laying over the firmness of his fervor.

He throbbed for her as she licked, then sucked. His hand fell to her shoulder as he threw his head back and groaned her name, still with a lilt of a question to it. But she had missed controlling a man this way, having him literally at her fingertips, eager and able to do anything for her because of this power. And she relished it. It woke up long dormant feelings and desires, needs and wants, an thirst that had to be quenched.

She pulled away, and Eric felt startled, as if this all was gonna come crashing to a close, as if he had done something wrong and would never be able to repair it.

Instead he was treated to the view of Ruby leaning back on the couch, licking her lips as her eyes still devoured his clearly pulsing dick. He watched as she slipped off her top, then he bra.

And it was now his turn for _his_ eyes to devour _her_.

Her breasts were larger than they had appeared, larger than he had imagined. Her aerolae darker than he had imagined, but with nipples thicker and so much more long than he was used to. He watched her lean back even further as the heft of her bosoms settled, cradled in her arms seemingly.

There were tan lines that he could finally see.

She played at her nipples as she watched him, seeing him respond to her and feeling a potential cure to her hunger.

“Do you want me?” she asked.

“I _want you_, Ruby,” he said, realizing a simple yes would never do as an answer to that question.

“Show me. Take these off,” she patted her shorts, “and then eat me.”

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