Female encounter

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I finally had my 2nd lesbian experience and I can’t stop thinking about it. I recently went out and checked out the nightlife scene. My friend and I had been to a couple of bars and I had tossed back a few drinks. I was feeling good and between the alcohol and heat I was feeling extremely horny. I wanted to meet a guy and have him rail me in the alley. Although that did not happen, what I experienced that night was 100x better. I went to the bathroom to freshen up. I was in there by myself, it was a very small bathroom. The lighting was moody and the walls were painted black. I was adjusting my dress when the door opened. I did a quick panicked turn and the woman coming in apologized. After saying sorry a couple of times she proceeded to go into the stall and I kept fixing my lipstick. When she came out she had to brush alongside me since the pathway was narrow. I was readjusting my tits and she completed them. “They look perfect” she said. I looked over to admire her own tits, and I couldn’t help but stare. The were pushed up overfilling her shirt, they were plush and I’ve at all times wanted to just bite down and suck. “Do you want a feel”? I guess I was staring to long and without hesitation I slid over and said please. I lifted her shirt up and she was wearing a black lace bra and I could see her pink nipples through material. I grabbed a handful and massaged her tit. “Harder” she said and so I obliged. I couldn’t help it I dragged her bra cup down and started sucking and licking her nipple. I bit down once I heard her moan. I stepped away and stepped back into her and made out with her. Our tongues were interlocked with each other. I started sucking on her tongue as she would hold my head in place. I started grinding on her thigh. She pulled me back and put my face back down on to her nipple and I bit down. We got lost in the moment,we hadn’t noticed the banging on the door. We quickly fixed ourselves up and proceeded to walk out. We smiled at each other and walked our separate methods. My panties were wet and I needed to get home to finger my pussy and release all the built of tension she left me with. I hope I can bump into her again.

NSFW: yes