fem pov [MF] [20s] [first time] – Short Sex Story

As we enter the hotel room in rush, we begin kissing, you remove my top while a little tent grows down there, I pass a little grin and lower myself, I remove your boxers and begin sucking, mhm yea, your big dick feels so good in my mouth, you begin touching my nipples, as I’m sucking you, you grab the back of my head and begin to force yourself into me, sucking your dick while still just behind the door is making me wet. Now its your turn, you grab me and lay me down on the bed, you rip my panties aside and begin sucking my pink pussy. You put your tounge in my wet pussy and ah, that was good, you grab my hand and put my finger inside of me, that was so hot. I feel like heaven, suddenly, without any warning, you position yourself over me in missionary, you slowly lower yourself onto me, you whisper “you’re so fucking “, I know im a virgin after all. Suddenly, you force yourself, I let out a loud moan, Your thrusts begin to hit deeper, you begin to suck on my nipples and lips while i wrap my legs around you, forcing yourself inside of me, but deeper. Just before you cum, we realize you’re not wearing a condom, you panik, you pull your little self out of my soaking cunt, and put it in my mouth, in an instant, you cum inside of my mouth. That little rush turns me on so much. Now its for you to have the fun, I lay you down on your back and position myself over your dick in cowgirl. You say “wait, first we need a condom”, I reply “im on pills silly! I knew this would happen today”. As soon as you hear this, you push yourself in me, i didn’t see that coming, I moan and my eyes are just staring at you, what a view, as you smirk, my pussy is being grinded on by you. I tell you to relax, i begin moving my hips, faster and deeper, im getting close to an orgasm, i yell ” yes baby, fuck me, harder, faster”, suddenly my pussy juices and your cum combines, we both let out a sigh and cum. I lower myself to kiss you, as your dick is still in me. You throw me at the bed beside you, and order me to write a story about our little fun time.

NSFW: yes

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