Feel bad but I can’t stop doing it

My wife has sisters that are very attractive. They’re bodies are similar to my wife’s so of course I love checking them out, Nice fat asses, sexy long thick legs and of course you can tell they have fat pussies. Sometimes when they spend a few nights over at my place I all the time make my way to getting into there dirty panties and I go to town smelling them on my face at the same time. They smell so good especially when I notice the ones they wear right after the gym or a night out. I wonder if they’d ever wondered of fucking me but gosh what a fantasy I have. I hope this isn’t bad… but I still do it here and there.

NSFW: yes


  1. kdkiiiop

    My girlfriends sisters also drive me crazy, especially one of them, killer ass, big boobs always makes me horny 🤤 she smells great as well

  2. dude4funtime

    I di the same everytime we go over to my SIL house. . .I actually enjoy her scent more than my wife’s

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