Feather Beds [F33/F27] [Fantasy] [FF]

*This is my first attempt at any sort of erotic writing. Just a hobbyist having fun.*

The tavern’s rooms were hardly accommodating for two, but the weary travelers made the best of it. Maria, as usual, woke well before the rest of the vanguard and began fitting her bodice – buckling straps and cinches, harnesses and, pauldrons – so quick to cover her scars and wounds, hiding her perceived weaknesses and mistakes from others. She was careful not to make too much noise, but the rickety feather bed groaned under the weight of her boots as she finished lacing the crude leather form around her calf. She was soon acutely aware of Tulan’s eyes upon her. Such an unusual feeling it was, sharing a room and having someone see this intimate and almost ritualistic part of her private life. She was trying to ignore it when she heard a soft thud behind her. She turned to discover Tulan, risen out of bed and stretching before the window. The warm sheets that once covered her supple form piled on the floor at her feet. Maria’s eyes followed from her ankles up, along Tulan’s long, pale legs that glowed with warmth in the morning light. A thin white linen shirt came to an end at the top of her thighs. Maria could barely make out the soft, supple curve of Tulan’s bottom under the sheer cloth, a bright triangle of light peeking through the gap between her thighs. She gulped nervously at the sight and attempted to look away, but not before Tulan caught eyes with her from over her shoulder. Maria’s face flushed with heat as their gaze met.

Maria breathed in as if to speak, to break the awkward tension in the room, when suddenly she saw Tulan run her hand across her neck, sliding the thin white cloth off her shoulder. The garment dropped to the floor in a heap at her feet. Maria quivered as she took in the shape of Tulan’s nude backside. Her shoulders were lightly freckled and her fiery red and golden hair trailed down her back to the top of her perky, round bottom. Maria swallowed hard, her palms lightly sweating and her breath short and fast. A foreign and burning sensation swelled within, her emerald eyes glowing with desire. She could not contain the feelings surging within, and she no longer cared to try.

Maria clenched her fists and slowly crossed the room toward Tulan, who watched Maria intently from over her shoulder, running her slender fingers up and down her curves seductively. Maria stopped just behind her, so close that Tulan could feel her breath on her neck. Tulan bit her lip and closed her eyes in anticipation, she exhaled deeply as she felt Maria’s touch upon her hip. Her fingers traced the slender, toned curves of Tulan’s body, along her abdomen, over her hips, and down her thigh. She gently cupped Tulan’s plush bottom as her other hand took hold of the copper braids trailing down Tulan’s back. She lightly tugged at the braid, bringing Tulan’s head back just enough to graze her lips. Tulan bit down in pleasure and let out a soft moan as she felt the tickle of Maria’s tongue on her lower lip, seeking a way past. Maria massaged and squeezed Tulan’s lush, round ass as she leaned in further, parting Tulan’s lips with her tongue and deeply kissing her. Tulan’s hands ran up along her own body, cupping and squeezing her breasts and pinching her erect, pink nipples. Maria continued to kiss and nibble at Tulan’s lips until she forcefully bent her over the bed, her hand further exploring the soft curves and warm crevices of Tulan’s backside, urging her to release a cute but startled yelp of pleasure.

Tulan’s hands spread out across the feather mattress, grabbing and pulling at the bedding in pleasure. Maria kept a firm grip on Tulan’s braids and ran her fingers further along the crease of Tulan’s butt, sliding her long, soft fingertips down between her legs. Tulan pulled her head up and moaned softly as Maria’s fingers entered her. Her back was flush and hot, and Maria could start to see the glisten of a fine sweat building on her skin. She was doing well. With another tug on Tulan’s braid, she pushed her fingers deeper inside her. Tulan’s tight, warm center was pulsing and growing hot and wet with each thrust, almost drawing Maria in further. She pushed into her more, licking her lips as she lusted over her tight but soft form. Tulan continued to moan and grasp at the bedding, burying her face in the mattress when it became too much to handle, her moaning and squealing muffled by the thick feather bedding.

Down the hall, the rest of the party began to muster, groaning for coffee, mead, tea, and eggs, shambling down the hall unaware of the gasps and moans softly emanating from behind the thick oak walls of Maria’s room.

NSFW: yes

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