Fantasy that came tru with F37 and M21

I used to post my work out progress pictures on reddit. One day in the evening i recived a message from a nice women that im really hot and she loves my pictures. We had few words and she said that she never does it but can she have my snapchat? Of course I said sure! why not? Then we were texting about our lifes, politics, opinions literally everything. It turned out that she is from States. Unfortunatelly I live in Europe. After few hours it was late in the night and I said that im gonna sleep. She asked me if i want to see something for a good sleep. It was her nude video. Long legs, read hairs, tattos, nice booty. She was gorgeus. We started to text everyday and thing were going further and further. We loved sexting together and showing bodies to ourselfs. It didnt took long when we started masturbating together and that was so fucking hot. She was crazy and her arsenal of sex toys was fully equipped. My biggest turn on was that she loved listening to my commands. She would do anything what I wanted. I at all times told her what dildo to use, how to use it, where to use it. Yes, anal was her favourite. I loved when she used to wear anal plug to the work and sended me a pictures of it. She was at all times ready for naughtness. During her work video conferences I said that I want her to masssage her pussy, so she turned off her computer camera and started recording it for me on snapchat. Our plays were on regular basesbut there is one day I will never forget. She had some time alone without her husband who didnt know about me. She took a vibrator which i could control online on my phone. Her wet pussy enjoyed it a lot. But it was just a begining. She switched it to a but hole and took a second dildo to fill her pussy. Ofcourse as at all times she recorded everything for me on snapchat. And seeing her with this online vibrator controled by me in her ass and dildo used exactly as I told her was so satysfying. Then she started to ride it. She could barely stop herself from shouting that her husband downstairs wont hear her. But that moaning was incridible. She camed so hard unconsciously saying my name that her was whole shaking. I at all times wanted to meet someone like her, it was something i was fantasing about, but I would never wondered before that online sex is so amazing. That was one of my fantasies that unexpectadly came tru. I can say about it much more if you like it. Let me know what do you think

NSFW: yes

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