Family Wedding

My brother in law married his fiancé this past weekend. My family and I (36) arrived in Boston the Thursday before. The wedding was Sunday and we stayed until the last Wednesday.

My step mother in law, Amy (49), and my father in law flew in the same Thursday evening.

Amy and I have canoodled before. I had no idea if there would be any chance for more but I wanted to be ready.

We all stayed in the same block of rooms reserved for the wedding. I also booked a second room outside the wedding block at the same hotel. I checked in to that room and got key cards later that evening.

Nothing but a few little winks before the wedding. I was quite disappointed and concerned the visit might go by without a rendezvous.

Wedding day came and the ceremony was lovely. Pictures followed, then a short drive to the reception hall, and the party began.

My wife’s family is not massive. This being a destination wedding, of the 200 guests there were maybe 20 from our side.

The party got swinging and everyone was dancing. Amy scooted by and whispered in my ear, “last door down the hallway by the front door.”

When we came in the front there was a hallway with offices that went in the opposite direction of the hall. What I would discover was a room reserved for the bride to relax or change. It was a glorified sitting room, not much bigger than a hotel room.

I danced a minute then told everyone I was off to the bathroom. I went down the hall and knocked on the door.

Amy opened the door and greeted me with a big cheesy grin.

“Get in here,” she said, “they’re not using the room.”

I came in as she explained what the room was for. This was not gonna be the spot to knock one out, there was no way to secure the door. But we quickly grabbed each other and spent a couple quick minutes making out.

I told her about the extra hotel room and gave her the other key. We slipped out and rejoined the reception.

We partied late into the night and everyone loaded up the cars and went back to the hotel. My wife showered and hit the pillow. I threw on some gym shorts and a T-shirt, grabbed my phone and the ice bucket (my reason for being out…), and went for the other room.

I hopped in the shower. A couple minutes in I heard the door open and Amy’s voice say my name.

“Come on in,” I said. She had the same setup: shorts and a T-shirt, phone and ice bucket. She showered in her room while my father in law passed out on their bed.

I finished quickly and stepped out as she stripped down. I dried off and we walked out into the room.

We were both beat from the party, but we knew this would be our only chance.

We kissed as she jerked my to full attention. There wasn’t gonna be much foreplay. Neither of us had the energy.

She was wet and ready to go. I strapped on a condom and sat on the edge of the bed. She backed up to me and slowly sat on my cock. No one moved for a moment. We sat there, me inside of her, taking in the moment.

I wanted it to last for hours but we didn’t want to chance it.

She rocked as I held her hips for a minute, then we switched and she laid back on the bed.

I sucked her plump tits as My cock pumped back and forth in her pussy.

It did not take either of us long. She moaned and I filled that condom full. We cleaned up but stayed naked.

I sat on the bed with my back against the headboard. She reclined against me between my legs. We played with each other as we talked and watched a bit of tv. Eventually we had to part methods.

I checked out of the extra room the next day. We knew that was our one shot.

Expensive, but totally worth it!

NSFW: yes

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