Family Friends Camping Trip (Part 8 A)

I make eye contact with Kaitlyn, who was initially staring at my cock with big eyes and bigger smile. “Did you like how I tasted?” I ask her directly as Claire already had her hand around my shaft and was lunging her head down to start licking on my balls, first and slowly rise her tongue up to the base of my cock, sliding her tongue left and right as she seductively worked her way up to my head. “Mmmm” I couldn’t withstand letting a little moan out at the feeling but still wanting to know Kaitlyn’s answer. She lit up with excitement at my question and playfully bit her lip… “Mmmm you taste delicious!” she said as she subconsciously licked across her lips, when her eyes traveled back to my cock.
Just then, Claire moaned out “MMMMMM” as she had taken my thick head into her mouth, tasting my pre-cum again as her left hand twisted around my cock as she simultaneously brought it up to meet her mouth, still suctioned to my head while her tongue began flicking back and forth on my sensitive head causing me to groan a bit in pleasure “MMmm fck…”

The overwhelming sensation of feeling an amazingly sexy woman sucking on my cock, as my eyes start to wander her daughter’s delicious naked body was much more than words could describe… it was like pure ecstasy for my soul. “Mmmm come here Kait, I wanna taste you!” I said, biting my lip as Claire decided to finally relinquish my cock head from her mouth only so she could spit on my cock, providing her hand some lube as she began stroking the full length of my cock.

“Mmmm if you don’t get over there and let that boy lick on your pussy right now… I’ll give him mine!” Claire said to Kaitlyn with a passionate tone that clearly let me know she wanted me to lick her on pussy… BADLY!

I gave Claire a quick grin, as Kaitlyn began making her way towards me. “don’t worry… I’ll gladly lick your pussy after hers!” I said with a chuckle, “Mmmm you fucking better!” Claire responded quickly, and then dropped her mouth back down onto my cock, this time not just stopping on my head, but deepthroating me and holding her mouth down on it as long as she could.

“Mmm fuck yeah!” I exclaimed, feeling Claire deepthroat me gave me a burst of energy and I reached my hands out grabbing Kaitlyn’s thighs and yanked her body ontop of my face. I began sliding my tongue up and down Kaitlyn’s perfectly smooth pussy lips… which were already covered in her juices which tasted like nothing I’ve ever had before, “mmmmm FUCK you taste good Kait!” I said, and quickly slid my tongue back up to her firm clit giving it a flick from side to side causing Kaitlyn to yelp out in pleasure “OHHH!” she squealed as she got her footing and held her body weight up with her arms behind her, arching her back to shove her pussy deeper into my face.

Seeing her big tits from this angle sent a pulse of pleasure through my cock and encouraged me to flick my tongue on her clit faster. It seemed to also catch Claire’s attention as she gagged a bit from my sudden cock swell. “MMM fuck!” she exclaimed pulling her mouth off my cock. “He must like that pretty pussy!” she said with a happy giggle and quickly went back to sucking on my cock, this time sucking half way down, and bobbing up and down as she used her right hand to stroke my cock in unison with her bobs, and her left hand began to fondle my balls.

I don’t know how I hadn’t already busted at this point… maybe it was because all of my focus was on licking Kaitlyn’s UNREAL pussy. She tasted almost like a sweet juicy peach and my mouth and tongue wanted every drop. “MMmm fuck!!!” I groan as Claire is doing magical work on my cock, and slide my tongue down and push into Kaitlyn’s hole for the first time. “MMMMMMm fuck yeah!” she exclaimed, as she started to buck her hips against my face. I instinctively pushed my tongue out further, just holding it out there for her to grind her hips against me, letting her fuck my tongue with her tight succulent pussy. She began bucking faster as my tongue slipped out of her and flicked her clit a few more times “OH FUCK… MMMMM” she groaned, as her breathing started getting heavy and began panting almost… I knew she was close to an orgasm. “MMM” I moaned into her pussy and lifted her up a little with my hands, to let my tongue slide down her pussy onto her asshole. “IIIIghghhhh!!! Fuck!” she squealed even louder so I slowly slid my tongue up and down on her soaking pussy. Bringing my tongue up to flick her clit and slowly sliding it down her pussy all the way to her asshole again. “FFF—FFFUCK!” Kaitlyn screamed out and arched her back in pleasure as my tongue slid back inside her pussy on my way back up. “Oh god.. fuck im cumming…. Mmmm I’m cumming!!!!” She screamed as her body began to convulse and twitch while I tried to hold her steady and keep licking, it was almost impossible as she rode the waves of her first mind blowing orgasm, and her juices leaked out all over my mouth and face until she collapsed down onto me… breathing heavy, she had to roll off of me, nearly incoherent.

NSFW: yes

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