Family Friends Camping Trip (Part 6) – Short Sex Story

As my mom walked away and the last few drops of cum dripped from my cock into the water, my cock began finally softening for the first time for what has felt like the entire morning now… I stepped out of the water and began following my mom. My eyes entirely transfixed on her delicious ass for a good portion of the walk until we started getting closer to the lake and my eyes began wandering around seeing all of the different sizes and shapes of the countless amount of nude people walking around.

This was so foreign to me… yet was pretty cool. And as my eyes explored, I noticed quite a bit of eyes gazing back at me with grins attached. It was a real confidence booster to say the least. Also, you never really know how your cock compares to others until you are in a sea of nude people and really get a good grip on how your cock compares. I certainly am/was not the biggest… but by no means was I sporting a tiny dick. There were quite a few that I could barely see which made me chuckle a bit if I’m being honest. Also, I noted that what everyone at the camp was trying to tell me really was accurate. No one judged/cared apparently if you get hard. I saw nearly 12 guys sporting hard dicks as they casually walked around, occasionally bringing their hand to it and rubbing gently or even just standing in a group of people like it was totally ordinary and almost excepted. This really made me feel comfortable, and eased a lot of stress I was having as we finally approached the beach where both families were laughing, and playing in the water.

“There he is!” My dad said with a big smile, which nearly brought everyone’s attention in the immediate vicinity straight to me.

“Yes… yes… i’m here dad, with my cock out and everything!” I said with a sarcastic attitude and a smirk as a few people around us started laughing playfully at our banter.

“And a marvelous cock it is!” My dad quickly spurted back in an old English accent.

“HERE HERE! Tis a Marvelous cock indeed!” Bryan followed with a big grin, getting in on the fun as I start blushing deep red at this point.

“Alright, alright! That’s enough!” Claire says, shushing the boys as she walks over to me with a smile “now don’t let them bother you sweetie…” she whispers to me “they’re just jealous of your young cock!” As she grabs my arm and gently pulls me more into the water towards the rest of our families, and looks up at me with a playful smirk.

I couldn’t help but look down at her big fake titties and she clearly saw me looking at them but didn’t seem to mind at all as she just kept smirking up at me as we were walking deeper into the water. Then Kaitlyn walked over to me, grabbing my other arm and playfully pushed her mom “back off mom… he’s mine!” She said with a smile and her mom pushed her back “we’ll see about that missy!” Claire responded but then let go of my arm and swam over to Bryan giving him a hug and passionate kiss. Kaitlyn then gave me a shove and jumped back into the water, swimming away playfully splashing me.

“Ok… we were waiting for you to play Marco Polo! And since you took forever… you’re Marco first!” Kaitlyn exclaimed excitedly “so close your eyes… and no peeking!” She said as she splashed me again playfully.

“Fine…” I moaned trying to sound upset as I closed my eyes and hollered out “Marco!”

My dad quickly blurted out “wait wait… let’s do this differently… how about you close your eyes and spin around a few times… then everyone gets in a spot, and can’t move… when you find a someone, you have to keep your eyes closed… if you guess who it is… without peeking… they are it. If not… they get to move and you have to keep trying until you guess who you’ve found correctly…”

Everyone pretty much agreed with that plan so I closed my eyes and spun around a few times… “ok everyone set in their spots…” I asked, hearing a few giggles.

“Yeah… we are all set…” Bryan responded.

“Ok… Marco!” I hollered out, clinching my eyes tightly. As I heard everyone respond… I could tell people were disguising their voices but I heard a voice decently close to me but to my right… so I turn towards the voice and said it again. “MARCO!” I hollered taking a few steps in the direction I wondered they were in. And when the person responded… I reached over and my hand found someone’s shoulder. “Oops…” I giggled playfully, but got closer and brought my other hand towards them, finding their other shoulder. As I positioned my body beside them, I began to slide my hands down their wet arms and brought my hands closer to each other. That’s when realized I was behind the person, as I felt their shoulder blades where I assumed tits would be. I could hear a playful giggle as I slid my hands around them to their front to the girl’s breasts and I slowly moved my fingers, exploring them slowly and delicately as I caress them in broad daylight in the middle of a crowd of people. “Hmmmm…” I wondered, trying to guess who it was as I could quickly eliminate the dad’s and little sisters… so it was either my Mom, Claire, or Kaitlyn.

As I continued sliding my hands on her breasts, I felt her nipples getting hard. Naturally I let my fingertips playfully glide across them, teasing whoever it was slightly and then I felt a hand, under the water, reaching up and grabbing onto my cock. Even though I didn’t want the fun to stop… I assumed people didn’t want to just stand around while I played with whoever’s tits these were so I blurted out “Claire….?!??” I said unsure but fairly confident as the breasts were quite firm feeling and wondered they might be her fake tits.

“Hey! No fair!!!” Claire blurted out as I guessed correctly, and her hand let go of my cock as well.

Bryan then blurted out “it’s them big fake titties hunny… dead giveaway!” And everyone started laughing. Claire turned around with a pouty lip and quickly said “but I didn’t get to feel him hard…”

Shocked a bit I didn’t know what to say except “you can later?”…

Claire winked back at me and said “deal… and maybe Kaitlyn can join us too?!?” Then playfully splashed me and closed her eyes, spinning around and hollered out “Marco!”

To Be Continued…

NSFW: yes

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