Familiar noises in the middle of the night (Part 8)

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My aunt was pushing my head towards my uncle’s cock and I was so overpowered by her that I could not fight her. Before I could even realize, my lips were already touching his semi-hard cock. He was just laying on bed with his hands below his head, his eyes were closed like he was resting after fucking my aunt like a wild beast. The words of my aunt were echoing in my mind: “Clean it”. She didn’t have to repeat it. I just opened my mouth and began to lick the mixed juices on his cock. I didn’t like the taste of his cum in my mouth but it was combined with my aunt’s fluids so that made it easier for me to obey her instruction. I didn’t want to touch his cock with my hands so I just started to lick it and wrapped my lips around it. Since it was semi-hard, it was easy for me to avoid using my hands. Once I got used to the taste, it amazed me how thick he was, and that made me think about how much that cock had stretched my aunt’s pussy every time they fuck.

I was lost on those thoughts when suddenly I felt my aunt’s hand on my back, going down to my ass. She was next to me, one of her hands was still pushing my head down on my uncle’s cock, but the other one was touching my ass, going up and down from my lower back to my ass. Then she went even more down and grabbed my balls. I jumped and try to escape but she squeezed them so I let out a soft scream before she pushed my head down on his cock again. By this time, I was not even cleaning it anymore, I was just sucking it, giving my uncle a blowjob without hesitation. There was some kind of special aura at that house that put me on some kind of trance, maybe it was the smell of sex in the room, maybe it was the heat of the summer, maybe it was the dominant side of my aunt controlling me, or maybe it was just my lust and hormones. I would never believe my mouth would touch another guy’s penis, even less my uncle’s cock, but there I was sucking on him.

My aunt kept grabbing and squeezing my balls while I was sucking on that cock, I felt her hand caressing my hair. It felt like some kind of approval gesture, like she was proud of what I was doing and that turned me on a lot. I felt her hand releasing my balls and her fingers running up all over my ass crack, and then going down again to my balls, teasing my asshole every time they go up and down. The feeling of her soft touch near my ass gave me goosebumps and I’m sure she noticed it because she was doing it in a very sensual way, taking the time to touch me and tease me. She used her middle finger to set a trail on my body from the base of my balls to the lower part of my back, making it run very slowly between my ass cheeks. Her finger stopped on my asshole every time it passed near it and she made sexy circles around it before she continued the trip on my body. Eventually, she started to focus on my asshole more and more, until she releases my hair and moved herself behind me.

Then she put her hands on my ass, spread my ass cheeks and I could feel her breathing near my hole. That made my whole body trembled. And suddenly, I felt her saliva dripping on my ass crack. She did it again, and then one more time. Then she rubbed her finger on my asshole, adding a bit of pressure on it. I felt chills all over my body and moaned with my uncle’s cock in my mouth. She continued rubbing the entrance of my asshole a little more and then she laid on the bed and crawled between my legs until her head was under my cock. I felt her tongue teasing the tip of my cock while her finger was still rubbing my ass, and that made me quiver. My cock was still soft after cumming just a few minutes ago, but the feeling of her mouth taking care of it was driving me crazy.

My aunt grabbed my ass with her other hand and pushed my hips down so her mouth could take my cock deeper. She wrapped her lips around it and started to suck it very slowly. At this point, my uncle was fully hard and I was blowing him eagerly. I was still not using my hands, just my mouth was enough to handle his huge and thick cock. My aunt had my cock in her mouth, I was a bit nervous because of the situation so I was having some troubles to get hard again so fast. Then she began to add more pressure on my asshole until the tip of her middle finger eventually went inside, and that made me tremble a little bit. She noticed my reaction so as soon as I could relax my ass, she pushed her finger inside. I wanted to moan, I needed to moan, but my mouth was busy sucking on my uncle’s cock so all I could do was whimpering and quivering.

I could feel her finger going inside inch by inch. My ass was so tight that I could feel her stretching it just using her finger. Once she pushed it all inside, she began to move it in and out. That hurt a bit, so I tried to move my hips away from her but I couldn’t escape. Her other hand was holding me and pushing me down on her mouth. My cock was starting to get hard again and my aunt’s mouth felt so amazing around it that I tried to focus on that feeling to be able to handle the pain. She kept doing that for a couple of minutes and then she pushed her finger all the way in my ass and bended it inside. My eyes opened wide when I felt her moving the tip of her finger inside of me and it made my cock instantly hard. It was something I had never felt before, so hard to describe, so unique. I realized she was rubbing my prostate with her finger and it was incredible. I wasn’t trying to escape anymore, I just wanted more of that amazing feeling, so I was moving my hips to meet her finger according to her rubbing and that movement of my hips were pushing my cock inside of her mouth deeper and deeper.

She began to gag because of my cock, so I tried to slow down the movements. But she reacted giving me a hard spank on my ass and pushing me down on her, making my cock went deeper on her throat. Feeling my cock going so deep in her mouth drove me crazy so I began to move my hips faster. And that made the prostate massage even more intense because every time I pulled my cock out of her mouth, I could feel her finger pressing on my prostate. It was such an incredible feeling that I knew I wasn’t going to cum very soon. I think my aunt noticed that because she intensified the rubbing with her finger and in less than a minute, I felt my orgasm was coming. But the two of us were not the only ones who noticed I was about to cum, my uncle noticed it too and he made a move for the first time in the whole time I had been giving him a blowjob.

I was on the edge of my climax, just about to explode on my aunt’s mouth. I was still sucking my uncle’s cock, especially its head. But suddenly, I felt his hand grabbing my head and pushing me down on his cock. I felt my balls getting tighter, ready to unload my cum for the second time that night, but at the same time I felt my uncle’s hips starting to move so his cock was entering my mouth nearly hitting my throat. I gagged and tried to move my head away but his hand was holding me down on his cock while he was fucking my mouth faster and faster. It was a mixed combination of feelings because I was choking on his cock, trying to move my head back, fighting for my breathing, but at the same time I was feeling my orgasm. I was cumming in my aunt’s mouth while I was being choked by my uncle’s cock.

My first shot when right to my aunt’s throat and I felt her gagging and choking a little bit, but before I could react, I felt my uncle shooting his load in my mouth too. So now I was choking too. It was so intense, a feeling I was not ready for, I didn’t like it and tried to escape again but he locked my head down with his strong hand and forced me to take two more shots of his cum. When he finally released my head, I pulled it back and coughed with my mouth filled of his cum, the taste was so strong that it was intoxicating me. I didn’t even notice that my aunt was not under me anymore. She had moved away and now she was next to me on the bed, tapping on my back while I continued coughing and trying to recover from what my uncle just had done to me.

He didn’t even say a word, not even care about me after he came in my mouth. My aunt was not too much different from him, she was just right there waiting for me to come back to normal. After a couple minutes, she put her hand on my chin and lifted my head. She looked at my face and I had cum dripping from my mouth so she cleaned it with her fingers. Then she put those fingers on her mouth and licked the cum out of them, saying: “Poor boy, you’ll get use to it”. Then she stood up next to the bed and walked towards the door. I watched her body walking among the shadows in the middle of the night, and before leaving the room, she turned around and said to me: “You should try to rest. Tomorrow is going to be a long day”.

NSFW: yes