[F61] My hubby is out of town and my son’s friend [31M] is coming over for a sex marathon for the entire weekend, part I

I have been looking forward to this weekend for so long. My husband is out of town for work and my lover will be spending the whole weekend at my home. We do not plan on leaving the house for anything as we want to fuck as much as humanly feasible over the course of three days. Last night, Friday night, my son’s friend arrived around 5:30 and I opened the front door for him wearing nothing but a sexy maid apron with a lot of cleavage and a little sneak peek of my ass. Immediately he went in to kiss me and tried to squeeze my ass but I gave him a little slap and told him he must eat his dinner before getting dessert. So he followed me to the kitchen where I prepared a vodka martini for him. I could see a bulge begin to form in his pants as I shook his drink with my tits bouncing up and down. We clinked glasses and cheered to ourselves and I turned my cheek allowing him to give me a quick little peck. I then went to the oven where I checked on the lasagna bending over and giving him a great view of my ass. As I stood up straight I could feel him begin to press up against me from behind but I turned around and told him he’d have to be patient. I took the lasagna out and placed it on the counter to cool off for a bit. I asked him to set the dining room table while I changed into my dinner dress. I returned to the dining room where his jaw almost dropped to the floor once he saw me in my red, tight, short, sexy and backless dress with plunging cleavage. He stood up and pulled out a chair for me and we proceeded to have dinner. As we ate he couldn’t help but stare at my cleavage and all the while I was playing footsie with him under the table and rubbing his leg I could feel how hard he was getting. As we finished dinner he thanked me for the wonderful meal and cleared the table. He came up close to me, pressed his body up against mine and whispered to me how ravishing I looked, softly nibbled my ear and then proceeded to lock lips with me as his hands raced all over my body pushing me up against the refrigerator he cupped my breasts and squeezed them gently as I began to moan his name while he kissed my neck. He then picked me up and carried me to the master bedroom and threw me onto my marital bed where he climbed on top of me and we began making out, our tongues swirling in each others mouths as I massaged his big coco through his jeans and his hand made his way up my dress discovering how wet I had become for him. I then rolled him over onto his back crawled up to him and took his shirt off exposing his sexy pecs making me even more wet. I then went down to his jeans where I unbuckled his belt with my mouth and pulled his pants down his big, thick veiny cock springing into my face. I then got up off the bed and began to slowly undress in front of him down to only my thong bending over in front of him. I told him he would be addressing me as Mrs. B tonight. I then crawled back up onto the bed with my tits hanging in his face he reached out to grab them but I quickly turned around and pulled down my thong and rubbed I rubbed my ass before spanking it for him. I turned back around on my knees and began rubbing my tits, my nipples hard as rocks. I then put his hard cock in my hands kissing it top to bottom slurping all over it and smacking it up against my face. I went all the way down on him and began choking on his thick dick bobbing my head up and down. Unable to bare it anymore I climbed on top of his cock and he slipped it inside of me stretching my pussy open I began to bounce up and down my tight pussy squeezing his cock stuffing it all the way in there. Sliding in and out of my pussy he could feel how wet and hot it was and he began to moan “oh Mrs. B” as I grinded up and down on his cock burying it deep inside my pussy as I played with my clit. He lifted himself up and sucked on my tits as I rode him harder and faster. He then picked me up and threw me on my back on the edge of the bed and fucked me missionary my titties bouncing up and down my pussy so fucking wet my eyes rolled into the back of my head I was now shouting his name so loudly in the bedroom I distribute with my husband. I quickly put my hair up and told him to fuck me doggy style. I assumed position and he spanked my ass before entering my pussy and he began to fuck me so hard and so fast hitting it deeper and deeper each time feeling his balls slapping up against my pussy. He pulled my hair back and I begged him for his cum telling him to fill this milf pussy up with his big, hot load deep inside me. I could hear him grunting and he finally exploded his load deep inside my soaking wet pussy. He collapsed on top of me and we kissed passionately leaving his cock inside me until we fell asleep with his arms wrapped around me. We would fuck until 3AM and slept in until 11A today. Stay tuned for more from this weekend!

NSFW: yes

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  1. Justforlaughs666

    Quite a few pointers that I love in here.
    Calling your Mrs. B to point out you were married, pointing out it was the marital bed and pointing out it is the bedroom you share with hub that had the sweet noises.
    Wonder what he would have you text your husband if he could chose.

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