F38 – First Time Shared – Short Sex Story

I have been together with my husband since high college, we have a very steady traditional relationship on the outside. However this one day early in our relationship opened up a secret world that very few of our friends know we play in.

Now to that day – my husband had small company that he and friend started out of college, it was a successful training business which they ran themselves and I had little to do with. They operated out my husbands parents house, where he still lived (we weren’t married at this time as we were just out of college). This one day he asked if I could get more involved and help with some of the admin of the company. I was happy to help, he made arrangements to meet with his company partner Colin so we could sort out the details.

Colin had been a long time friend of both of us and was a great asset to the company as he was confident and was able to sell anything.

So we had the meeting and during the meeting I sat between them both, the meeting was in my husbands bedroom, as we really had no where else to do it. Previously there had been no talk of anything or even wondered of it, but on reflection doing this meeting sitting between 2 19 year olds on a bed may have sent some messages. During the meeting everyone was ordinary, then without warning my husband said I think you need to suck our cocks.

I have no idea what came over me but I went into auto pilot and undid Colin’s pants and took his cock out and kissed the end of his cock and did the same with my husband. I then got on my knees and swallowed Colin’s cock while playing with my husbands. I then was alternating between the two until Colin came straight down my throat. I didn’t think twice, again just on auto pilot swallowing his cum. My husband came watching me to that landing on my dress which I hadn’t removed.

I stood up and announced I want I be fucked, I layed on the bed pulled my dress up as my husband pulled my underwear off. I had no idea what had got into me but i wanted to be fucked so dirty right then. I have all the time been quiet shy in the bed room but this was another me. As they got hard I took Colin and guided him into my soaking pussy and put my head over the end of the bed to take my husbands cock. They fucked me like that until they both came. Colin filling me up, sending me into a slight panic as I’d only ever had my husbands cock in me and now I was full of his company partners cum.

We cleaned up and and Colin left, my husband and I just looked and laughed and said how fucking good was that. This opened the door to many more adventures for us, but the way this happened all the time makes us laugh.

NSFW: yes

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