[F32] I have a list of every guy I’ve slept with and my favourite things about them. I want to distribute all 23 experiences with you – Short Sex Story

This is something I’ve never told anybody. Friends and I, like most groups, talk about sex a lot. Some details are included, however, most are spared. I like to reminisce and I remember particular details about my sexual endeavours. Some things are best enjoyed alone. Until now.

It’s time I shared a list that I’ve kept on my phone for some time.

1) (Nov 2007 – age 18) – Ryan – 6″ and muscular arms. Loved hitting me from the back. Gave up with the condom half way through.

2) (Jan 2008 – 18) – Jadon – 8″. Held me against the wall and fucked me. Couldn’t fit it all in my mouth. My first orgasm from penetrative sex.

3) (April 2008 – 18) – Noah – Came quick but I’d never been fucked so hard in my life. Round 2 went longer and he came in my mouth.

4) (Sept 2008 – 19) – Andrew – Self conscious of his size. Made no difference. Incredible birthday treat. Made a guy cum in record time. Second time around, I came on my back.

5) (Dec 2008 – 19) – Ryan #2 – Fucked my ass at a ski lodge. I joked it was his early Xmas present. A memorable first. Told all my friends.

6) (June 2009 – 19) – Francis – Skullfucked me hard. I felt extra slutty. I let him take photos on his camera of me naked. I’m convinced he showed my mutual friend.

7) (Sept 2010 – 21) – Matt – Ended a serious drought on my birthday. Solid 6.5″ cock and was the thickest I’ve had in my hand. My ass was spanked beyond red.

8) (Jan 2011 – 21) – Harry – Hot British guy at a New Year’s Party. The accent got me wet and his dirty talk was insane. He fucked me without a condom and no birth control in a bedroom at the party. Came on a random t-shirt.

9) (July 2011 – 21) – Nathan – Man of few words. Extra large cock. Loved his gym body. Slept with him as I was curious after a friend boasted about seeing him naked.

10) (Dec 2011 – 22) – James – Grade A cock. Fucked for an hour and a half. Sad I couldn’t make him cum from head. Would become my boyfriend.

11) (Oct 2012 – 23) – Jamie – Joked about the similar name to my ex. My first alternative dude. Gorgeous tattoos and I went through a rockstar phase after this. The best oral I’d ever received at that time.

12) (Oct 2012 – 23) – Christian – Second of the month. My break up was tough. Swallowed his cum because I knew he’d tell brag to a mutual friend of my ex’s.

13) (Jan 2013 – 23) – Drew – Friend of my ex’s. My ex cheated on me and I wore the lingerie that he’d bought me. Neither guy knew. It was a ‘win’ for myself.

14) (April 2013 – 23) – Ryan #3 – Made a gorgeous moaning sound when he came. The first guy to eat my ass too. Seriously high sex drive and became my boyfriend.

15) (May 2015 – 25) – Javier – Girls vacation to Spain. He was passionate, hairy and his accent made me cum when he fingered me and talked dirty in my ear. Gave up with a condom half way through.

16) (August 2015 – 25) – Rick – Thanks to dating applications, I found a really decent guy. He’d become my boyfriend, which I was glad of, because he had a 7″ cock and he knew how to use it.

17) (October 2016 – 27) – Jadon aka Yoghurt Man – Gym hunk. The biggest I’d ever had at nearly 8.5″. I nicknamed him ‘The Yoghurt Man’ as his cum tasted so sweet.

18) (October 2016 – 27) – Zack – Another gym hunk. Very submissive and begged me to give him a prostate handjob. I never told any of my friends. He was very embarrassed and shouldn’t have been.

19) (December 2016 – 27) – Chris – I went out wanting to get laid. I was out for an hour and took him home. He worshipped my ass and made me feel sexy.

20) (February 2017 – 27) – TJ aka Stamina Man- Valetine’s Day date from an app. After he came, he immediately kept on going. I couldn’t believe it. He repeated this twice.

21) (March 2017 – 27) – David – Told me I had an ass for anal. I used a buttplug, cuffed him to the bed and rode him. Accidently made him cum on his own face. Must’ve been super horny.

22) (June 2017 – 27) – Marco – Italian heartthrob. Conscious of his size and struggled to get things going initially. I wondered so much of him. He was also my first and only Bi guy I’d slept with.

23) (Feb 2019 – 29) – Harry #2 – Everything I wanted in a man inside and out. I met him through a mutual friend. Came prematurely our first time and I didn’t care. The best sexual connection I’ve ever developed with somebody. My current boyfriend.

By the way, this doesn’t include the guys I just gave head to in between these sexual experiences.

NSFW: yes


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