(F30) real estate agent gets slammed by a (m35) buyer

I’m working and I get a phone call. It’s a man asking to see one of my listings. His voice sounds strong, dominating, sexy. Just trying to imagine what he looks like makes my clit pulse. I agree to show him my listing at 11. I show up wearing I tight skirt and a button up with some cleavage showing. Hair is pulled back in a high pony tails. I’m wearing my glasses. I begin opening up the house. I’m in the master bedroom opening up the two large glass sliding door. I hear that voice, the voice I heard earlier over the phone it says “wow check out that view”. I knew instantly when my clit pulsed again it was the man I had spoken to. I turned around and his just as handsome as I imagined. Just by looking at him my pussy was getting wet. I agreed the mountain view from the master bedroom was amazing. He shook my hand and introduced himself, Jack. We talked about how he could see for miles. I could feel him staring at my legs. He mentioned how great my legs looked in the high heels I was wearing black Louboutins. I gave him a cheeky smile. My pussy getting wetter by the minute.

Jack was buying the house for himself and his wife. She was busy and couldn’t make it to the showing. I was relieved it was just me and him.

I noticed something on the floor behind me so I turned, bent over and tried to pick it up. Suddenly I felt hands around my waist and something hard press up against my perfect ass.

As I stood up, Jack said he had never seen such as amazing view and you wanted a closer look

I ran my hand up his thigh so I could feel his pulsing hard cock. I leant back into him and whispered, you could get even closer to the view if you wanted.

I pull my skirt up and show my black laced panties. Jack started to unbutton my shirt and put his hand upon my breast feeling my hard nipples he started to pinch them. I could feel his cock getting harder. I turn and drop to my knees undoing his belt, pants fall down.

I look up and pull my glasses slightly down my nose and begin licking Jacks large, hard pulsating cock from his shaved balls up the shaft and finally the tip. Jack groans. So I proceed to guide his hard cock down my throat. Sucking vigorously. Groans are getting louder,it’s the best blow job Jack has ever had.

I can feel Jack getting close to cumming, but he stop me. He doesn’t want to blow his load just yet. Jack stands me up and turns me around spreading my feet aside and bends me over on the bed.

My panties, they are soaked and I’m wanting him deep inside me. Jack pulls my panties to the side and begin licking me all over, all over my clit and then my asshole. Over and over again.

Pre cum starts dripping from Jacks cock as he begins to stroke it. There’s no time to pull my panties off so they just get ripped to the side and Jack jams his hard dick deep inside my pussy. Pounding hard, my moans are echoing through the house.

Jack reaches around and grab ahold of my tits and pinches my nipples as his slamming me from behind.

I’m close, I want to cum for you daddy. He give my nipples one more pinch before starting to rubbing my clit vigorously. My pussy starting to tighten around his hard cock as his fucking me. I’m about to cum. My back arches, my clit gets hard, my pussy tight around Jacks throbbing cock. I grab his balls and rub them. We both scream out as we orgasm together. Jack pushes his dick deep inside me to get every last drop out. I can feel it squirting and pulsating.

We both fall onto the bed. Jack then tells me the house is perfect and he’d love to buy it.

NSFW: yes

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