[F30] My experience of swallowing

I see swallowing as a hugely erotic act. I’ve never met a guy who wouldn’t want to deposit his load in your mouth.

I want to explain, as a woman, how it really feels to swallow for a guy. I’ll distribute the first time I swallowed for my boyfriend.

If I like a dude, meaning, as in they’re a respectful and gentlemanly type guy, then I LOVE to suck their cock. I like to create them slowly and make it fun, slobbery and damn memorable. I say their name, I make them sing and say mine.

The first time I gave my (now) boyfriend head, I could tell he’d never had his dick sucked like I sucked it. He’d never had his balls taken care of, nor experiencing a pair of lips that made it to the base of his cock.

The moment I looked up at him, with every one of his 7 inches in my throat, I knew I took a part of his soul.

After a few minutes (I worked him up pretty good and teased him, stopping half way through and ordering him to jerk himself off but NOT cum, whilst I exposed my ass and grinded on his lap).

I looked him in the eye and said I want his load down my throat. He took a deep sigh and about 20 seconds later, he did.

I quickly laid him down and made him kiss my cheeks in a 69-type position, as his body uncontrollably shook, cumming hard. I told him to appreciate my ass if he wants me to swallow. If he stops kissing, I spit.

I gulped a gigantic amount down, waited for more and took another gigantic second gulp. It tasted kinda neutral, not salty, not sweet. It’s a thick texture but not one I dislike. He must have pumped 6-7 times easily. I’d have gulped 10x if I had to. Every drop was getting swallowed.

It’s an erotic act. That moment of vulnerability when he can’t control his body is damn hot.

Years on, he still remembers that first time. As a woman, I take pride in that. Suck a guy’s dick well, he’ll remember you forever.

Also, years on, he still gets his cock milked regularly. Never stop making effort.

NSFW: yes

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