[F29] When I was an educator at a family in Germany, I fucked this dad

When I was a educator, I fucked a dad in his house.

I therefore spent more than a year working as a educator in Germany, and I had an infatuation on his father the entire time. Young, tall, and sporting these gigantic emerald eyes. When the parent wasn’t around, I all the time got the impression that he was flirting with me. I occasionally provided humanitarian services to families.

I visited a female I had been stalking for a few weeks one morning. When I arrived home, the father opened the door for me, and I went upstairs to pick up the young child. Later, as I was working on his son’s homework with him, I went outside to get a glass of water and noticed the door to the parents was wide open. I went inside and discovered the father to be completely naked, complete with a HUGE hard cock. I stood there for a moment because I was so startled before he just began laughing and apologized. I knew he did it on purpose when he didn’t even immediately conceal himself with a towel. He dropped the towel and began to come over to me, so I believe he knew I enjoyed it. Even though I knew what would happen, I didn’t budge.

He took hold of my face and began massaging me. I was drenched as his hard cock rubbed up against my abdomen. I desperately wanted to fuck him there, but his son was in the bedroom, so we stopped. He then revealed that ever since he first laid eyes on me, he has been dreaming of fucking me.

The greatest fuck I’ve ever had was when I went back the following day during his son’s nap to fuck him. He was so powerful yet kind. He simply approached me, grabbed my ass, and began kissing me. He already had an erect penis. He started rubbing my pussy through my yoga pants as I began to massage him through his work jeans. I had already been wet.

He led me into the bedroom, where he tore off my yoga pants and spent what seemed like hours licking my crotch. My pussy was throbbing in utter pleasure, and I was completely in love. I wondered my eyes were gonna roll back in my head when he eventually put it on. It was perfectly curled and extremely thick. He struck my G-spot immediately, and I almost ran over. He wrapped his hand around my neck as he moaned and growled in my ear. It was extremely humid and wild. He ultimately filled my pussy with his scorching sperm, and it was the sexiest thing I have ever had.

Later that day, when the mother returned home, she inquired about our activities and asked me the customary questions about what her son was consuming. While her husband’s cum was still in my pussy, chatting to her made me feel incredibly sexy and lewd. I am a genuine slut.

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