(F29) I was a educator in Germany that dads fucked

I was a educador for all the dads…

I worked as a educator in a home for kids in Germany, while attending school to help cover the bills. The mothers and dads wondered highly of me, and I excelled at it.

After fucking the first father, I suppose news spread because I noticed neighbors in the area begin to stare at me strangely and perhaps consider how they might approach me. In the end, I raped the majority of them, many of them more than once, whenever we had the opportunity. I enjoyed the sensation of one of the regulars’ cold wedding ring moving up the inside of my leg when his wife wasn’t watching by running his hand up my skirt.

They were in their 30s and 45s Wherever they could bend me over or I could get on my knees, they fucked me—in the Meeting room , on their sofas, in the garage, in their cars. All the dads knew I was the slutty educador, but I don’t believe any of the wives ever found out. It lasted 1 and a half after I came back to Switzerland.

NSFW: yes

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