[F]28 Sleeping with my boyfriend inside of me

Other than during that time of the month. Each night when we are ready to sleep, I have my boyfriend penetrate me. If it’s a cooler night I’ll sleep on him lying in the cowgirl position, but most nights I’ll be the little spoon with him penetrating me from the big spoon position.

I may only be ‘wet enough’ to penetrate when he puts it in, but there’s no other time or action that makes me grool as much as it does throughout the night when he’s inside of me. I can wake up randomly and we both be absolutely covered in my fluids that have leaked out. Often lying in the wet patch, but I don’t care! Mentally I just feel so connected to him, almost like he’s the plug and I’m the port, transferring all of his love through himself into me every night! That’s not even to mention that my wet dream orgasms, with him inside me, have increased ten fold! I maybe had two or three sleeping orgasms from wet dreams in my whole life before this. Now I have one or two per month!

His penis head stays in me even after he goes soft, but I discover throughout the night he intermittently gets hard and fills me back up again, in which I discover myself gyrating on autopilot! If we do move around a lot and he slips out, if it wakes one of us up, or we wake up later in the middle of the night. We all the time make the effort to put it back in without fail.

It’s very rare I wake up without him still inside of me and I wouldn’t change anything about it!

NSFW: yes

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  1. curiouscub9

    This post made me so hard. Reminded me of the one time I tried with my ex but we couldn’t keep it all night – just low on experience at that time, I guess.

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