[F]28 Refused before, but now I’m addicted!

It seems to be pretty common with all men (at least with my previous sexual partners) that they just love it when us girls taste our own fluids.

For as long as I can remember, even at a younger age before I learned to embrace my hyper arousal. I was so embarrassed that I all the time had to take 2 or 3 spare pairs of panties wherever I went. As I was just soaking through them one after another, constantly.

So before I even became sexually active, I had already, experimented with myself. Smelling and tasting my own grool and cum from my fingers during and after masturbating. Even then, I sort of enjoyed the scent and taste.

My first ever boyfriend ruined this for me though, after being adamant I ‘try myself’ after I came on his fingers. I refused, because I had major cotton mouth from the weed we had smoked, but he still just threw a gigantic tantrum.

From this point on, it just became the norm to refuse this when asked. If that was how they acted when they didn’t get what they want, they wasn’t gonna get it. That was until I met my current boyfriend 10 years ago and even more so since adding other girls into our sex life.
Although now in our relationship dynamic I’m completely submissive and he has free use of me. When we first met, he was never pushy and all the time communicated with me first about trying other things. I very rarely refuse anything unless there is a valid reason, but if I did, he was completely understanding and we would compromise, discover an alternative or try another time! This was no issue for him.

He actually didn’t even instigate things for me to taste myself. I’d only seen him a couple of times and he had come up to kiss me after eating and finger fucking me. We hadn’t fucked yet and my scent on his face drove me crazy, I could literally feel my grool dripping out of my pussy and down my ass!
I grabbed his hand and started smelling and sucking on his pussy soaked fingers. Back then, I made my sex partners wait for a couple of months before I had penetrative sex, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I took his dick out and slid it inside me! Fuck, I had my first orgasm on insertion for the first time ever. It seemed to last forever, which each thrust seeming to send ripples through my orgasm. I was in pure bliss!

As soon as I’d finished cumming, my senses seemed to return in force. My scent still on his face and fingers and the taste in my mouth had given me the uncontrollable urge to suck all of my cum off his dick! I hadn’t tasted my cum like this ever before and I tasted better than ever! I only had to put some pressure on my clit and I was cumming again for the second time. I was whimpering with his dick in my mouth when I felt him tense up, his dick throbbing, followed by hot ropes of cum hitting the back of my throat.

Swallowing both of our fluids together was such a turn on for me and after that I just needed more. Before he left for home that night, as we got to the front door, he gripped me by the waist and bent me over standing up. He used my hair with one hand to keep me in position and with his other hand he stuck his fingers in my mouth, as he slowly and deeply fucked me from behind. He covered my mouth as my involuntary moaning and whimpers started to elevate, my parents only on the other side of the interior wall. The risk alone had given me orgasm number 3. My uncontrollable shaking legs must have done the trick, as his grip started to tighten and he released a grunt down my ear as he came inside my pussy. I wasn’t expecting sex so wasn’t on any kind of birth control, but I didn’t care, it only made it hotter for me. My legs buckled to my knees so I again cleaned his creamy dick for the last time, before he left.

The next morning when I woke, I pulled the blanket off and the scent was unbelievable and it tasted even better than the previous night! I spent the whole morning as if I was back experimenting with myself all over again.
I haven’t looked back since all of those years ago. I’d even go as far as saying I’m a little addicted! Sometimes I’ll even discover myself rubbing my pussy for no reason whatsoever just so I can take myself off to the break room or toilet at work to smell and taste myself! There’s not many days I go without. Im at the point where my favourite part of a MFF/FMF threesome, is our playmate cumming on my boyfriend’s dick first, just so I can do the clean it up!
Maybe I’ve just all the time been extremely sensitive to pheromones, but what I know for sure is, I just can’t get enough of the scent or taste of sexual fluids! Especially my own!

NSFW: yes

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