F27 Victoria’s Secret became my secret.

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I had just got my boobs done and I was so excited to go get some sexy outfits and get them measured to see what my new size was so my bf and I went to the mall and went straight into Victoria’s Secret. I was almost embarrassed to ask one of the girls to measure me as that’s something we get done when us girls are shopping for our first bra but I was shocked to hear that I am now a 32 DDD.

You should have seen the excitement on my boyfriends face when we found out so I rushed into the change room to try one as many outfits and bras as I could discover. Meanwhile I am sending him pictures while he is waiting for me outside the change rooms and he instantly sends me a message that he wants to fuck right then and there, so I snuck him in.

I was wearing the sexiest purple outfit that shows off my tits perfectly and he couldn’t contain himself. I could see how hard he was through his jeans and I wanted it so bad. He got me completely naked and pulled out his dick and started fucking me from behind. I did not need any foreplay as I was already so wet and the fact that he had me bent over facing the mirror as he fucked me just made it even hotter.

He loved that he could fuck me from behind and watch my gigantic tits in the mirror. It was extremely hard to stay quiet and not get caught but I didn’t care. We were having way too much fun. I whispered to him “cum for me daddy” and it just sent him crazy as he pounded me harder and filled me up with his cum and it felt amazing. Not only did I buy the new outfit but I had to buy new underwear too since mine wear too wet to wear.

NSFW: yes


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  1. mayicumnurass69

    Fantastic story wish I could have that pair of your panties you were wearing pretty please and thank you ?