[F27] I let a stranger finger me while I was at work in a bar

I really love making men hard in public spaces. It turns me on so, so quickly and I lose all sense of restraint. I work in a bar and often flirt with customers. Last night everyone on shift was a friend and it was quiet, so I could spend a bit more time talking to customers. After some introductory flirting, one ordered a s nipple while staring at the outline of mine through my top (the exact reason I wear it).

I told him to go sit down and I’d bring them over for him. At the table I sat down with them and he put his hand on my thigh. I slid my panties to the side, moved his hand up and let him finger me for two minutes until I didn’t think I could get away with slacking off any never know if I want it more on my tits or pussy. Now all I can think of is doing it again.

NSFW: yes

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