F27 Hubby and I had sex with our best friends this weekend [M/F 20s] [swinging]

Hubby and I have become close friends with a couple over the past two years and our conversations have become very sexual in nature… at first talking about what we like and what we do to far more explicit things like what we’d like to do with the other.

All four of us are attractive and in recent months the husbands began openly complimenting the other’s assess and boobs.

We took a vacation together five months ago and despite the sexual tension being surreal, not much happened.

This past weekend however we were staying at a 2-room beach condo and it was sexually hot!

The first night we each heard the other couple fucking through the thin walls and she and I were moaning cartoonishly loud… which made our husbands crazy horny.

I could feel my husband’s dick grow into a rock everytime she screamed out in a high pitched cry, as their bed shook against the wall.

He blasted cum all over my insides. When we were done we all laughed and the following morning instead of things being awkward, they were fun.

That evening, in the condo’s open room, we were all sitting on the large couch watching tv when we began to lose interest in the movie and focused more on our spouses who were petting us and touching anywhere we’d let them.

I gasped when I saw my best friend’s husband remove her top right beside me on the couch and start fondling her breasts right out in the open. Her tits were beautiful, round, and those nipples were oh so hard.

A second later hubby had my shirt off and was doing the same.

Together, she and I sat leaned back, side by side on the couch, while our men licked our pussies to near orgasm. Though I’ve never been with a girl before,
I found her body intensely attractive and didn’t withstand when she reached out to play with my right boob.

Her hands were soft, warm, and her well manicured fingernails flipping my nipple had me gushing wet.

Without saying a word, the boys stood to their feet and swapped sides. Her husband was now standing directly in front of me with my soaking wet pussy spread wide open for all the world to see.

He didn’t even have his pants off at this point. Pulling them down, I watched with nervous anticipation as his large uncircumcised cock popped out of his tight briefs. My hubby has a clean, pretty, circumcised head and I love it; however, his was natural and although he and hubby ate about the same size, my body ached to be filled by him just for the uniqueness.

Looking at my husband, our eyes locked as he began cramming his aching cock into her. I knew he had wanted to do this for over a year, because he had told me often and I wasn’t about to deny him this feeling.

From there it was all a blur and it felt very out of body. In truth none of us has ever done anything like this before but as two couples it all just felt so right!

When both men were done, I don’t think either lasted very long… none of us are swingers and we’d never done acting like this before… we all just sorta laid there with a “now what” mentality!

Finally, she said, “Alright, that was fun!” And got your and proceeded to shower.

I felt so dirty, so wrong, so guilty, but also, so erotic and hot.

We got home yesterday, and hubby and I have had wild sex for hours since then. It’s all we can talk about or even think about. It’s consuming us, I think!

Is it efficient for one couple to be in love with another couple?

NSFW: yes

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