(F25) I’m having sex with my married neighbor (M31)

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NSFW: yes

Tbh this all started because I really hate his wife (F31), she is annoying and all the time complaining about something, she stresses me out a lot, we’ve been neighbors for only a year and I cannot stand her. So… almost half a year ago I decided to get back at her and reduce my stress by having sex with her husband, he is the opposite of her, he is kind and all the time apologizing for the things his wife does/says, I started flirting with him every time I saw him alone and when his wife wasn’t at home I would go drink with him, while complaining about his wife’s behavior. Until one day, in one of our drinking sessions, we ended up having passionate sex at my place, after that day we kept doing it regularly at my and his place, I guess he is also tired of his wife’s shitty attitud.

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