F25 He said he was gonna hurt me

I met this guy on Tinder the other week and we met up a couple of times. He was really outgoing and an easy person to chill with. In the times we met, we got very comfortable and open with each other. One chilled evening
we shared our sexual kinks and fetishes. The mood changed fairly rapidly during the conversation as we exchanged intense looks with each other in conversation. I told him that nothing gets me off than pleasing a man with every part of my tight body and seeing the pleasure on his face when he uses me. I told him that for the most part, I was very submissive in the bedroom and liked being used. He expressed that he was up for putting that to the test, I flushed with colour and didn’t entertain his cheeky response. As the night went on, we enjoyed each other’s business. It got really late and so he offered to take me home.
When we arrived at my doorstep, I didn’t want to part methods and I invited him to thank him for accompanying me home. He didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation. The moment we entered my flat, there was immediate sexual tension between us as it was the first time we’d been alone.
He put his hand around my neck and leaned over to kiss me, but stopped before his lips touched mine. He got me down on my knees, took out his cock and face fucked me so hard, I started drooling. He smiled as he choked me, knowing that I wouldn’t stop him. I didn’t want to stop him. The fact that he was getting pleasure from my slutty mouth made me drench my panties.
He only cared about his pleasure and I found it really hot. He then bent me over my sofa and pulled me up my skirt. He said that he was gonna hurt me and I clenched my hands on the sofa in preparation for his thick cock. He trusted up his cock in me, my pussy was so tight, but he was able to get every inch in without no hesitation. I moaned in a bit of pain, but knowing that it made him feel good, turned me on so much that I enjoyed it. I loved the way he stretched my pussy after each thrust. He stuck his fingers in my mouth and continued thrusting hard. He was pleased with how submissive I was, as he turned my body in different positions to make his thick cock feel good. When he came he had me laid down and sprayed his big load all over me. He was really rough and I loved it!
We relaxed for a little while till I was used again.

NSFW: yes

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