F25 – Creampied by taken man 3 times

My married FWB came to stay over last night to have our usual fun. After his boring wedding anniversary celebrations the other night, he was excited to spend time with me and fill me up, as soon as I took his trousers off, his cock was rock hard throbbing for my tight pussy and I was ready to please every inch of it.
As some of you read from my previous story, he and his wife will be celebrating their wedding anniversary this weekend. So, I made sure to empty him last night and make sure there was nothing left for her. I find out she has been with him over these last few years, but I was the one taking care of his cock for the last few months when she failed to please him, so it was only right that I had every drop of his cum.
I begged for him to fill me up as much as he could. The distance we had from each other the last couple of days really allowed him to thrust harder repeatedly, showing me that he had been craving my tight body. I took every inch of his cock and allowed him to use me however he pleased. When he creampied me the first time, I could feel his cum sliding across my pussy after he fucked me from behind. We went for a few more rounds and by the end of it, he creampied inside of me another two times. I love the way he used me, I love being his little fuck toy and getting rewarded by his big load. Every time he cummed I made sure to clean him up with my mouth and made sure to suck every drop. His cock tasted even better once it was in my tight wet pussy.
I exhausted him and I was pleased that I drained him as much as I could. He’ll have some cum for his wife during the weekend, but at least it won’t be a heavy load. Plus I gave him a few photos of me for him to enjoy and use before he fucks her.

NSFW: yes

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