[F23] To damage a virgin dick [M18], I sucked him.

When I was a school senior, this happened. In one of my required basic credit classes, I was matched with a child. He was polite, friendly, and somewhat reserved. He all the time caught me looking at my behind. The fact that I all the time had my leg hanging out of my shorts didn’t help. It was pajama time because we often met late.

I once opened my laptop and left the porn tab open because I had a fierce masturbating session the day before. Immediately after saying “My laptop is dead let’s use yours,” I swiftly closed it. I concentrate on his, and when he opens it, “Latina BJ” by PH begins playing.

He closes tab after tab out of embarrassment. I lightly tease him when I add, “Damn dry spell huh.” He was honest and revealed being a virgin, which surprised me. I say, “In due time buddy,” and then I go back to work. But as we were working, my cunning mind started working.

What if I blasted him so badly that my expectations for bjs would be so great that he would constantly think of me? Excellent idea bitch, let’s go for it. I start to tease him and touch him more, making him agitated. here and there a boner.

As the night draws to a close, I blatantly say, “Let me blow you.” His adorable red-lighted face lit up. I was on my knees as he sat down before he spoke the customary “hmm.”

Poor boy, I didn’t even move slowly; instead, I slobbered, bobbed, gagged, and throated the entire distance. He groans and screams for another two minutes before I feel his Cum squirt in my mouth. Don’t even try to slow down; I just wanted to ruin him. He is trembling and growling for me to give up, but I keep going idaf until he turns hard once again. He starts to settle down, but I keep going until he starts to go crazy once more. I choke it down and finish cleaning him up till I receive a text message from a friend asking if I want to go out. I gather my belongings and say, “See you in class.” Dip and kiss his forehead.

NSFW: yes

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