F23: I slept with two hung guys (big and bigger) I met on tindr and loved it


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I met a 20cm guy on tindr and we chatted for a while until he asked me whether I would like to meet one of his also hung friend. So I agreed.

We went out to have a drink first, because I was a bit sceptical meeting two guys I met on the internet but both guys turned out to be great business and good looking.

So we ended up at their place making out and started having sex just after a little while and a few glasses of wine.
Wow, was THAT great and they really didn’t promise too much.
The 20cm guy went in first and until then he was the biggest guy I have been with. Did I love that feeling of his massive cock sliding in and out completely. I was so soaked. At some point he stopped looked at the other guy „I think she’s prepared“ and what I then felt was even better. I don’t know how big that other guys dick was, but it was FATTER and LONGER. I have never been SO stretched. The feeling was just sooooo intense I can’t even describe it. My body was going crazy and I don’t know how many times I orgasmed and for how long we had sex but at some point he came, too. I never wanted him to him end fucking me with his massive cock.

After he was done the other guy walks up to me again and starts fucking me all passionately until he, too, came.
They both were great fuckers, no question. But there is a difference between a 20cm cock and an even bigger one. After „Mr Bigger“ had me fucked, I didn’t feel that other guy as intensively unfortunately but it was still fun, really.

NSFW: yes

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