f22, m30. (married)

There she goes. As my wife positions herself, the anticipation of her warm mouth, her full plump lips and her saliva filled toungue. It’s too much to bear.

As she firmly grasp my full erected cock with one hand pulling back on the foreskin. I feel powerless as my most sensitive body parts is under her control.

She starts by stating how gigantic my cock is, gently giving it a kiss on the tip. She locks eyes with mine, playfully running her tongue around the head. The sensation makes me aroused and I moan for more.

As she fully inserts her mouth into my penis, every wondered escapes my mind and is only in the moment. She bobs her head up and down, slurping saliva on the way up. Oh the pressure create up of cum in my penis.

As she moves her neck side to side with my dick in her mouth and twisting her hot tongue around the head, my penis throbs.

She tests her gag reflex and tries to deep throat my penis. I applaud her enthusiasm and effort, it’s just my dick is big and thick.

Here comes her killer move, she starts to stroke the base of my shaft whilst simultaneously sucking it.

As she continues to do the combo move, the pressure create up gets intense, forcibly causing an ejaculation, it makes me quiver and spam, all while her luscious lips grip my cock. She milks me dry leaving me in a state of euphoria.

She cleans me with a warm baby wipe, I’m still erect and leak cum during clean up. I embrace her with a hug and thank her for oral sex.

NSFW: yes

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