[F21] How do you stop feeling bad after this lol

I finally got with my best friend tonight after years of me having the biggest crush on him and even having his dick in my mouth twice

He booked us a hotel for tonight and done the whole rose petals on the bed thing, it was so cute. We went to dinner and when we got back I done a lap dance that ended up with us making out on the bed for at least 10 mins with me naked in his lap, he made me cum twice from fingering and I gave him a blowjob, then boom, we had sex and omg. It was amazing

I feel so bad though. I went cross eyed while we were doing missionary (like proper I couldn’t see straight shit) and I clawed at his back like, really hard that he started bleeding. He keeps saying it’s fine and that it was sort of hot but there are so many marks on his back I feel bad lol

NSFW: yes

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