(F21) had a quickie with my ex (M21) in his car

So my ex and I have been on and off again FWB since we broke up because of gonna school in different states.

A few weeks ago I saw him, and after we hung out right as he was gonna drop me off, we decided to jump in the backseat and fuck around.

We started to make up heavily breathing and moaning as we kissed. It began slowly, but soon we found ourselves desperately going at it.

I showed him my breasts in my new lacy bra that I had bought myself for Christmas, he gently sucked my nipple

I get feel the heat between my legs and my cheeks flushing red as we continued to kiss

I then straddled him and rubbing against him as we continued to makeout, I could feel his hard dick under his black jeans.

We continued to make-out as he slipped his fingers down my panties, and rubbed my wet pussy. I couldn’t help, but squirm and moan until I came.

After that I jerked his cock until he came all over my white cardigan sweater 😉

And sadly after that we had to part methods…but we met up again about a week later (which I will post about soon)

NSFW: yes

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