F20 Submitting to my Flatmate

Recently I’ve realised that I enjoy being dominated, and I knew that some of my flat mates have been eyeing me up since I’ve lived with them. I was encouraged to let them have there fun with me and so when I saw one of them in the kitchen yesterday, I decided to let him have me. In the Kitchen, some tight booty shorts and a little crop top, braless, his eyes were instantly all over me when he walked in, a small smirk on his face. “So I heard you and your BF broke up?” He said and I nodded. “He said you cheated on him with three guys.” I blushed slightly, “Yeah…” he laughed and I turned to see him staring at my ass. “Thought I could hear you moaning like a slut the other night.” I went slightly more red as I faced him. “I just… They were so good and dominant. I loved it.” He moved slightly closer, eyes now glued on my chest silently staring. I gulped, excited and nervous, “Would you like to have some fun with-” Before I finished my offer, he had pushed me up against the counter, one hand on my hip the other on my throat. His mouth was on mine and his hand moving around to grope my ass for a while before he led me to my room.

When inside, he threw me down onto my bed, and started undressing. “Strip.” He ordered. I started taking off my clothes and when I was lying naked on my bed, he crawled on top, pinning my arms above my head. “Stay fucking still.” He said as he used my knickers to tie my hands together. Helpless beneath him, I moaned lightly as he started to grope lick and kiss my naked body. He stopped and slapped me. “Beg for this cock.” He said sneering. “Please fuck me.” I said. I gasped as he slapped me again. “More bitch” “Please, I want your dick.” He grinned and flipped me onto my front. I gasped as he spanked me before pushing his cock inside me. I moaned as he began to pound me, prone bone, spanking me as he went. “You like that don’t you slut?” He paused as he readjusted, laying his full weight on me, his arms wrapping around to grip my tits as he whispered in my ear. “Your mine now.” He whispered. He started to ruthlessly fuck me again, harder and faster, my whole body shaking in pleasure until My moans reached the highest pitch as I orgasmed. He laughed and continued to pound and taunt in my ear until I could feel his cum leaking out from me.

NSFW: yes

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