F(20) I’m realising I’m an exhibitionist – Short Sex Story

So I’ve at all times been quite a horny person especially if I haven’t had sex for a while or been edging myself. What I’m recently discovering is that I’m an exhibitionist.

I live with just my friend (M21) who I’ve known for a few years.

It all started the other day when I was walking back from the shower and my towel slipped, flashing my roommate my tits for a second. He didn’t make a big deal of it or anything and we just laughed at it but afterwards I was so turned on.

Since then I’ve started walking around the flat in just my dressing gown while hes around. I’ve never worn much clothing around the flat but this is a step up for me.

It turns me on so much when I catch his eyes following me, and tell myself that he’s hoping to catch another flash of tit.

If that is the case then he’ll be delighted because yesterday, I completely forgot I was naked under my dressing gown and bent down to pick something up in front of him. I had never really planned on showing him so much but he got a full show of ass and pussy.

Again we just joked about it, and again I was so turned on afterwards.

NSFW: yes

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  1. going-fast

    Are you planning to just keep teasing him, or will you eventually fuck him? Keep us updated!

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