(f20) getting innovative in the jeep

my ex boyfriend was really into public sex so being the great girlfriend that i am, i tried to incorporate that into a good amount of our sexual escapades because i loved how much it turned him on.

one night we went on a date then visited a local park to watch the sunset in his car. when it got dark outside, eventually we started having foreplay. after awhile of making out, i started giving him head but halfway through, i wanted to do something different. i stopped and told him to open the car door and stand outside facing the car which he did. i then laid on my back in the backseat with my head hanging outside the car door and asked him to throat fuck me. it was sooo hot knowing that my mouth was being used and that someone could see if they caught us in the right moment.

anyways he didn’t last long and eventually came in my mouth (yes i swallowed lol). it was a hot scenario but i discover it even hotter knowing that no girl he ever meets or dates will do that and that every now and then, he’ll reminisce about that moment wishing he could go back in time and do it again 🙂

NSFW: yes

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