F19 my best friend ordered me to suck her boyfriend

Some week ago my best friend sent me a message to meet at her house. When I reached her home, I saw her boyfriend with her.

I don’t know why because I wondered that we were only 2, her and I.

She is wearing a very cute outfit, like if she goes on a date.

We spoke, drank, and ate a fabulous dinner.

After the dinner we begin playing truth or dare. And after some “classic” rounds, I chose dare and my best friend told me “kiss him”.

I was embarrassed, unlike her boyfriend. I saw in his eyes he was pretty happy to hear that.

So I put my lips on him, he grab my hair and kiss me like I was her girl friend. To be honest I loved it.

We made a lot of rounds like this. My best friend kissed me, I touch the tits of her. her boyfriend slapped my ass, i took off my shirt.

This game was exciting.

And one moment after her boy friend told me “suck me”.

I look my friend ans i saw in her eye she agree. So i took off his jean, and a begin sucking him like a child with a lollipop.

I saw him, enjoyed my blowjob so that put me on instantly.

She come help me and we begin sucking him.

I was so horny, and i hear my friend say “fuck her”. He push me, and we started an incredible doggystyle. At the same time she come and i begin licking her pussy, that was just insane.

He begin to fuck my friend in cowboy position while i slapped and play with her ass.

And he finish by cum on our face, I felt like a rain of cum

NSFW: yes

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