F19 I sucked up a gamer and his friends saw everything

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When I was in school I worked at a cyber café. Sometimes we would have lock-ins for private parties that would last all night. My boss would let them bring alcohol if they were old enough as long as they didn’t get too rowdy.
One night I was working one of them and my boss had an emergency that he had to attend to. He asked me if I was comfortable being alone with the 6 guys who were celebrating their friends birthday. They seemed chill so I said it was fine.

I ended up drinking with them and playing games most the night. One of the guys asked me if I would do something special for his friend because he wondered I was hot and had picked this place for his bday because I worked there. I had discovered recently that one of my kinks was to be watched so the idea of doing stuff with him in front of his friends was turning me on.

I suggested that we play some truth or dare to break the ice. After a few rounds of easy stuff I was finally dared to make out with the bday boy so I straddled his lap and start kissing him. He was a good kisser and as I pressed into his body I could feel that he was hard. I started grinding on his lap. We made out for WAY longer than you normally would on a dare and after we stopped the other guys were sort of speechless. After a long pause someone shouted “I dare you to suck his dick!”
I laughed nervously but by this point I was extremely horny. I looked him in the eyes and grabbed the band on his sweatpants and he gave me a nod that it was ok. I pulled down his pants and went to work on his hard cock. In just a few minutes he was getting close so I lifted up my shirt so that he could see my bare titties.

He moaned “Friiick” as he sprayed all over my chest and face. The silent group suddenly erupted in a cheer as their friend slumped back in his chair smiling ear to ear.

NSFW: yes


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