F19 I flashed half of my neighborhood – Short Sex Story

Recently I have done things I could have never imagined myself doing when I was younger. On a daily basis I have been making larger steps in order to get out of my comfort zone and explore what to some would be the unthinkable.

I have danced naked on tables in a club, I have had sex in the gym showers, I have masturbated in a hotel on the first floor with the blinds open, I have posted my location on Twitter once and asked for people to use me as a sex toy in a changing room at the local mall. To put it simply, I have scratched the tip of the iceberg and I still have things to enjoy and look forward to.

But today I did something new. After already having had sex in the gym showers earlier this morning I was already feeling horny again after a couple of hours. I told my best friend with whom I have sex on a regular basis and she told me to tease people in a crowded place. At first I was shocked because the only thing I could think of was to be completely naked walking down the street in the city center for example. But then she continued to further explain her thoughts to me and she hinted that I could simply not wear panties under my black see-through leggings. It was a brilliant idea.

I immediately ran home, changed into the revealing top that I had and put on my slutty leggings. For anyone who can’t imagine what they look like, if I mean see-through, then take that word literally when the sun shines on them. Especially when bending over it’s pretty much the same as if I would bend over naked.

And just a few moments after having changed I was already on my way walking down the streets. By hearing some people giggle as I walked past them I knew that it was working and I could already feel the bottom of my leggings getting wet.

Whenever I would pass by women or girls I found cute I would either lift up my top to flash them with my boobs or turn around, bend over and pretend like as if I was tying my shoes. A few times I even got spanked by a few girls. It felt great. But before I knew it, it was already getting late and the streets emptier. The amount of fun that I had today is hard to measure but this will definitely not be the last time I go around and flash people for fun.

NSFW: yes

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