F19 and my M60 doctor groped me

I am 19 and female, my 60 year old doctor groped me

“You are a very pretty girl.” He said, as his hands fondled my boobs.
“Are these real?”
“Yes. They are natural,” I said, as my face flushed red from embarrassment.
I could not believe my 60 year old doctor was grabbing my breasts.
“Wow! They are so firm. So nice.”
He continued to rub and squeeze them, before letting go.
“So are you a virgin?”
“No. I’ve been having sex with my boyfriend.”
I said, as the doctor put on his rubber gloves and had me lay down on the examination table.

“So how often do you guys have sex?”
He asked, as his hand probed inside me. “Oh wow, you are so wet.”
I could feel his fingers exploring my body, and I moaned softly.
“Well, I would say 4 to 5 times a week. Usually at night, or during the weekend.”
I said, as his fingers probed deeper.
“That’s good. You are so beautiful.”
“Thank you, Doctor.” I replied, as I blushed from his opinion.

“So have you been masturbating? What type of toys do you use?”
He asked, as his hand moved from my pussy to my clitoris.
I could not believe the amount of sexual pleasure that the doctor was giving me.
“Well, yes I masturbate sometimes. I use a dildo or a vibrator, or my fingers.” I replied, as my face turned red from embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, but I have to ask. How big is your dildo or vibrator? Is it big enough to give you an orgasm?” He asked, as his hand went back down to my pussy.
“It’s about 8 inches. Sometimes 10. I can’t remember. And yes, it gives me an orgasm every time.”
“Good. That’s what I like to hear.” He said, as his hands began rubbing my vagina.

I could not believe what was happening. I was being fingered by my doctor.
I could not help but moan, as he massaged my vagina.
After a while, I could not take it anymore.

NSFW: yes

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