F18 Last night I completely fucked up

Last night around 11 PM I was going out of my bed to go pee and drink some water and when I’ve crossed my sister’s bedroom, her door was ajar.

I didn’t notice it on my way to the bathroom, So I drink a glass of water, sit on the toilet pee and go back.


At the corner of the corridor, I ear one moan, but this one was pretty loud.

The sound instantly made all my body vibrating, my legs were shaking, my all body becomes warm instantly. I have never been that horny that fast and that strong.


So I started to walk slowly to the door my sister bedroom and begin to ear her playing with herself and this was super exciting, the sound of her finger going inside out of her pussy just made my pussy flowing.


I started to rub my pussy through my panties and I was fighting to not moaning.

After 2 minutes I was already edging myself because I was so wet and horny that I could squirt In the middle of the corridor.


I was feeling that I was at few rubs from orgasms and I can’t squirt here.

So I just remove my hand from my pantie and go as fast as feasible in my bedroom.

I close the door trying not to make too much noise, jump in my bed and transforms It in a squirt swimming pool in less than 10 seconds.


It was crazy, but now I feel really weird.

I don’t know what to do about this.

I’m not into Incest at the start so is really weird for me.

NSFW: yes

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