F18 I shouldn’t tell you that but it make this even more exiting

Since I started at Reddit, I find that have a money kink.

Everytime someone give me money I feel a rush of dopamine Is not as good as drinking piss but is really good, I feel more free than I have never been.

When I receive money, my pussy starts to soak super fast.

I like to play with everyone who sends me money.

I love to send you my pussy sound and hear your noises.

That makes everything way more real.

When you show me you cum I feel like my job is accomplished and this makes me super proud, most of you are real gentlemen and I love it.

The one who asks for the discount you really look like bricks, I’m sorry


I think about trying anal, but I don’t have any toys so I don’t know what to do…



NSFW: yes

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