[F18] I let my Dad’s BESTFRIEND cum inside me…

I’m at all times home alone because my parents have to travel for their jobs and I work my job using my laptop. I heard the door bell ring so I went downstairs to see who it was. Oddly enough, it was one of my dad’s friend seeing if he was home. Not gonna lie i’ve at all times had a crush on him and I at all times catch him checking me out at family events and parties. I told him that my dad was at work but he could “cum inside” and i winked at him. He looked really surprised and blushed when I said that! I took his hand and guided him inside to my bedroom. I let him fuck me in doggy style straight raw and he came inside me! I’m really addicted to cream pies so I absolutely loved it! Good thing my dad pays for my birth control pills lmaoooo

NSFW: yes

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  1. Agitated_Steak_2131

    The idea is nice but I guess you should try writing with more details in it

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